Thursday, April 16, 2009


Beautiful weather this week. 62 and sunny and 72 in the house feels like a greenhouse!
The kids are asking if the ice is out in the pond, can we go swimming?? (NO!) LOL.

We have been working on the garden-yesterday we turned over three beds. Today we cleaned out the chicken coop and the goose shelter. We gave our neighbor the four beautiful white roosters. They were fighting too much and the kids want to keep the old barred rock and his son for roosters.

Poor Loosey the Goose loved those white roosters! He was courting them! So I am going to have to get goslings if I can't find him a goose friend soon!

A friend went to Johnny's selected seed today and dropped off some stuff for us. I told him just get extra and we will split the order. Some of the packets we were splitting by hand-who needs 30 zuccinni or summer squash plants?

We combed again at the farm today. Four of us were on wethers this am. I took on Emerson-the jackpot. He just dumps all of his at once. Two huge bags full and he still has more. He was much better this year-and he has gotten sooooo fat! He was new to the farm last spring and skin and bones and jumpy. He was so glad I was combing him today! Awwww>

Can't wait to get the peas and lettuce and spinach in-but I think I will wait for the new moon, another week. It seems if I plant before that the weather is lousy. I might plant a little this weekend and again in a week and compare how they do.


Wood Mouse said...

Whenever I have had a Foster Garden, my name for an Allotment, I have always shared out seeds with other folks. Or if I have sown to many and have spare plants, although I am tight and ask, nay demand the pots back! Lol While never the point or reason for doing it, I would often get some of the crop back too. That said I have met folks who ask if you want some plants and will then try and sell you the plants. Personally I would rather share. As for thirty Squashes; One year I had a whole plot covered in pumpkins about fifty plants and fully supplied my local greengrocer with them for Halloween. I grew them as I needed some ground cover and as the whole plot had been freshly manured, something that needed a rich soil. Although I did go off pumpkin soup for a while after that.

In relation to you doing the Farmers Market, I think you should go dressed as goats! But your retired shrink wrapper may read to much symbolism into that :-)

But Seriously, if its food stuffs your selling then clean work like clothing is best. If its non food stuffs then something, anything that will get you noticed can be a real boon. I think that you have the social skills nor are overly shy, therefore anything that works for you and the sapling, be adventurous.

As for swimming, tell the kids I tried it here in the pond a while ago (Slippy Mud, Frogs and Sparrow hawks) and its to cold.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get any pumpkins last year-the slugs or turkeys ate them! Just as the seeds were sprouting.

I think at the market we will be selling some goat meat, yes, and also product-yarn, hides, maybe some finished product(hats?) as well. We will also be next to the dairy goat lady selling cheese- I like the idea of a goat costume but not for me, thanks. :P

Well, I guess I should have shipped you those 100- 2 gallon pots I just hauled to the dump this week. I was tired of moving them out of my way-but they would have been perfect for you. :D I did try to give them away but the lady wanted smaller ones, so I set them to the side at the dump (transfer station) and hope they found a good home.