Tuesday, April 28, 2009


We worked at the farm again Saturday. Uureka, daughter of grand old UUD, who recently went to slaughter, delivered her first kid that morning. A single, a beautiful light brown buckling who looks like his father, Monarch. I was happy-the first Monarch kid on the farm in two years. Hope he's a keeper.

At the end of the workday, I got into a heated dispute with Mr. Boss about my pay. Short again. He told me to speak with Boss, but I was too hot (pissed). I left, swearing to myself this time I was really quitting.

The next morning I sent a short email, to which Boss replied that it was an error that would be corrected. Humph. But she also said that Lois had dropped a set of quadruplets. Oh, she knows how to get us. We went back today and said naught about the "misunderstanding". Still, the atmosphere between us felt a little tense. P wasn't in a very friendly mood, either. By the time we headed to the big bucks I was feeling a little out of sorts. Boss had the bucks out for their walk, and R greeted us in a chatty mood, which was quite pleasant.

Willow then discovered the spring pool by the drive was full of tadpoles-she had been checking out the frog eggs late last week. We were thrilled.

Then we combed Homer and Duke in the beating sun-in the 80's (!!!!!!) today. Thankfully, we ran out of time quickly, and we had another day under our belts. As long as we get properly compensated for it...

On the way home, Willow spotted a pair of golden eagles less than a half mile from home. One went directly over the car and we had an excellent view. No doubt, golden eagles. Willow was in awe.

On the home front, I did Cricket's hooves Sunday.

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