Monday, April 20, 2009


Phew! Been working hard the last few days trying to take advantage of the good weather.

Worked the last two days at the farm:

Bonnie has finally started to shed great gobs. Coretta just needed a clean up. Both does have new kids, so it gave Willow and I a chance to hang out with them while we were combing their Moms.

Coretta's black doeling is definitely my favorite. She has blue eyes, and I couldn't resist nestling her in my arms twice yesterday. She returned the affection by standing on her back legs and imitating my combing motions by pawing me with one of her tiny hooves. Willow got a great kick out of it.

Bonnie's little buck was the star of the show today. He is also black, with a white star,white front feet, a spot on his chin, and one on the tip of his tail. Very blocky little buck. Bonnie is quite possessive of him.

Sugreca dropped a set of twin bucks yesterday. One grey, one black, both with white stars. They have been sleeping while we were in the stall, and their Mom is quite skittish, so we haven't played with them yet.

On the home front, I was working on the raspberry patch yesterday, and my arms are still stinging. This afternoon we dug out three goat houses-quite deep in bedding from the winter. The goats all had to take turns trying to help. The saplings were great helpers. I had one tense moment with them when Willow started digging a giant pile I didn't want to start yet, and the Firebird kept leaving the backup barrow in the way. But, I got over it after a break and the kids kept digging and hauling.

Then the tire fell off one of the wheelbarrows, and while I was searching for a replacement nut, the Firebird mucked out the end of the big house. We still have the back half of the big house, the lean to, and more out in the pen to clean up, but after three hours all of us were done in.

Buds are just starting to come on the maples. We are so happy spring is here, although it means so much yard work! I am grateful my piriformis syndrome seems to be finally cured and I can do these big jobs without collapsing in agony. The kids are a lot bigger this year, and very hard workers. Wow. The Firebird must have hauled and dumped twenty wheelbarrows today, and the Willow dug like a little woodchuck.

Now three days of rain, and then maybe 70's for Saturday! Can't wait for then when we will do some planting in the garden!

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