Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another Beach day

We found ourselves with a free day and decided to make another pre-season run to the beach. We were greeted with a new sign at our favortie beach, "NO PETS ALLOWED!!!!" in big giant letters right by the entrance. OOps, busted.

Not to worry, I knew of another beach just down the road. I usually call it "Baby Beach" so of course the kids have refused to go the last few years. At high tide, there is no beach at all, the ocean right up to the retaining wall, but today we were in luck. Low tide and still going out.

I took this pic of one fo the rocks as we clambered down to the beach:

First some jumping jacks to warm up. Actually, you know how when you tell kids you want to take their pictures and they just stand there like soldiers? So I said, "How about some jumping jacks?" LOL

Here we are cavorting, courtesy of the ten second timer:

Peko is over his water phobia, or maybe because there were no waves here:

This was pretty funny when he stole Willow's sand shovel:

Everyone's wet here-the water was bone chilling cold. I couldn't make it over knee deep without my ankles going numb.

This is a wild sweet pea growing on the rocks:

On the way out, we took a cruise by Fort William Henry. The coast is full of these old forts dating to colonial times:

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~Tonia said...

That looks like fun!! Our rivers and springs are cold like that here up until June then some of them warm up but the spring always stay around 60* year around. When I was a kid I would swim regardless if my lips were blue and I was shaking Now No way I dont look for ways to be cold!!LOL
Are you able to visit any of the old forts?? Or can you just see them from the outside.