Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chicks and Swimming

I bought a half-dozen chicks a couple days ago. Three white leghorn and three black Austrolops, all supposedly pullets, so they should all grow up to be hens.

We had a broody hen, but one of the white roosters got in with her and then all the eggs were gone! Those roosters caused me no end to aggravation. The neighbor has since returned and re-claimed then, with promises to keep them locked up so they don't come tear up my garden and cause general mayhem.


After Willow's successful fishing expedition yesterday, the Firebird opted to join us fishing around high noon. The fish weren't biting too well-Willow did land a big pumpkinseed (she calls them "sunseeds"), but the Firebird didn't get a nibble.

I told them to go home and change into their suits and bring the dog back with them. When the fish aren't biting, go swimming!

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~Tonia said...

Yeah that looks like fun!!!