Sunday, June 7, 2009

Frolic and Gardening

Happy full Moon!

We had a lot of fun at the Fiber Frolic!

The Firebird ditched the boring girls early on and roamed about spending his cash on a falafel, two lemonades, two ice creams, and a soda. He also got a wicked sunburn on his face and forearms.

Willow and I didn't get sunburns, most likely because we have been out in the sun quite a bit already, and also because we spent most of our time in the shade. We spent some time in the children's area, where Willow made a pink felt ball and we spent some time learning to felt designs onto a felt mat. She was a natural at it, like any craft she undertakes. Myself, I kept sticking my finger with the felting needle.

We also spent a lot of time in the barns and display areas. The young bucks were so surprised to see us! Boss seemed surprised when I told her the bucks were in a daze when we went up, and then when we spoke their names we could see recognition in their eyes.

We checked out Alpacas (I did get a pic but it's not downloaded yet) and some really cute little baby goats-both cashmere competition and angora crosses. We also looked at lots of angora bunnies and saw two getting shaved.

All of us enjoyed watching Dave Kennard and his border collies. He was having a bit of a rough go with them this year, but they are still a big crowd pleaser.

Early afternoon we went home briefly to check on Peko-who had done very well home alone for four hours. The Firebird opted to stay home-good thing afterI saw the sunburn that rose by the time Willow and I came home.

When Willow and I returned to the frolic, we came across Boss in the show ring with Uureka and her buckling. I asked Boss if she wanted me to go watch her table for her, and instead she handed over Uureka and the buckling for us to finish. Uureka was not impressed!!! For some reason she is not one of the friendlier farm goats, and it didn't help that Willow and I never combed her this year. She has gotten especially jumpy with the arrival of her first kid, the little buck out of Monarch.

There was quite a large audience, and every cashmere goat exihibitor seemed to be present with goats, as well. Here we were front and center with Uureka and her boy as far from us as they could get, occasionally throttling themselves at the end of their leashes in an attempt to get even further. Good thing I don't have stage fright at these things- I just made the best of it.

The buckling had already been evaluated and he won first place for the kid division! Willow was so excited she had to run back and tell Boss. We clipped his blue ribbon to his collar until he tried to eat it.

Then the does were judged-six of them, and I was glad Uureka was called last, as she had adjusted to us a bit better by the time she was called, and I managed to lead her forward without her bolting (cashmere goat shows are much more casual than a dairy goat show where they all parade around so lovely)and Willow brought the buckling forward without event.

Uureka placed second for conformation!! Boss didn't bring her fiber so she wasn't in the class ribbons. So we excused ourselves from the ring and returned the two to their pen. Then Mr. Boss showed up with Uureka's fiber!!! I offerred to run it over to the judge, but Boss said it was ok. The judge had already evaluated all the fiber before the class to speed things up.

Well, then we had a little break before the bucks were called, and I had Boss check out some of our goats fiber. I had brought samples from home. She really liked Nic's fiber! So that was nice. :)

I asked her for a brush and Willow and I cleaned the boys up before their show. Then it was our turn, and of course I asked if Willow could take Bibbles. Boss said yes, and then we had a discussion about the others. I suggested the woman who was volunteering to help should take Rue, since I thought he would be easy for her, and then suggested Boss take Bonnie's Boy, Clyde, since he is skittish. I thought he might be better behaved for Boss than myself after the Uureka incident.

In retrospect, I think Uureka might have been giving Boss a hard time, which is why she handed her over in the middle of the class! Well, I guess I got even by having her take Clyde! He was fine in the ring, but Boss had to drag him there and back, and he would occasionally try to bolt, nearly taking her down.

As we were heading over to the ring, I told Boss the judge would place Clyde first in conformation, and she asked why. I said because he was nice and blocky and the judge was favoring that type.

First the fiber awards for the four were announced. Rue took first, Bibbles took second, Ursula's Boy (now Yul) took third. Then the conformation.

Clyde took first! Boss looked over at me with raised eyebrows and a nod. :D

Willow handled Bibbles so wonderfully! The judge asked if she could walk him, and Willow said, "C'mon Bibbles!" They were the cutest team! I looked at Boss and said I wanted their picture!!! I had my cam in a day sack on my back and didn't want to root around for it in the middle of the class. Plus I wasn't sure if I would spook Yul taking it off. ( oh, I was handling Yul) Yul kept maaing throughout the class. He does have a mouth on him.

Bibbles and Yul tied for second for conformation; that left Rue with third.

Then I thought it was over and Willow and I took the lead out, but then I thought I heard the judge say something, and we had to go back for the class totals. Poor Boss had managed to drag Clyde just out of the ring and had to turn him around and go back. No biggie for Willow and I. :D

Bibbles took best in class!! Willow was sooo happy! Clyde took second, Rue took third. I just realized that left Yul last of the four, and he is my favorite. So I hope that won't cause Boss to eat him. :(

On the way out I had a great long chat with my friends at the gyro stand, prepping for the next day since the fair was closed by then. My girlfriend had run off for supplies, but she and I had exchanged whispers while I was in the ring with Uureka, and she was on the sidelines admiring.

So, I had a chance to chat up her hubby and two of her "boys" ; now big young men that I have watched grow up from tiny tots.

I found out when their next show is and I might have to plan that one into our summer schedule. A music festival. :)

Oh, this is supposed to be about gardening too, but I have gone on too long already. Let's just say we have already had fresh salad greens, the beans and squashes are finally up , and the basil and chard is up-which went in a week later. Bigger seed takes longer to germinate, or warmer weather a week later? Or maybe the moon...;)

Still weeding.

Oh Tonia, if you made it this far, the fort is open to visitors. We didn't go in since it was getting late and we had the dog with us -who likes to eat seatbelts if left unattended in the car. :(

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It sounds like you have been having loads of fun.

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