Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I received word from Boss-combing is finished. But she is looking forward to having assistance with the young bucks at the fiber frolic Saturday. I know she is at least taking Bibbles and Rue. She took four yearling bucks last year. Willow had watched from the bench last year, but she was very excited to hear the news-she wants to show Bibbles for Boss if possible.

My friends run a falafel/Gyro stand. Mouse had inquired about Gyros, perhaps I have misspelled them. The way I understand it, the Gyro is greek in origin. It is customarily ground goat meat packed and then cooked on a spindle, and then sliced in long bits as it is cooked. Sometimes my friends use lamb and sometimes mix it with beef. My friends then serve it on wood-stove cooked mid-eastern flatbread. That is an adventure in itself, they haul two woodcookstoves to fairs and the make doughballs, which get rolled like a pizza crust and then are cooked over the open flame til they puff up.

This bread is then filled with the sliced gyro meat, or falafel (fried ground soybean balls) and lettuce and a variety of toppings tomato, etc., and sauces, dang I forgot the name of them all, at least salsa, and the one with yogurt and dill..(long pause, still forget...)

If we pass on that feast, there is still the ice cream stand or hand cut french fries (chips).

On the homefront, another busy day. Dropped some more trees in the goat pen. Yesterday we took the goats for a long pig out in the marsh-for them eating the alders, etc, and the mozzies eating us...

Today I undid a big section of fencing and rebuilt the old outhouse pen for the returned rooster. That took all afternoon. :(

Weeding the garden this am-a never ending chore. So glad I can do it this year since last year I was in screaming agonies with piriformis syndrome. So far so good this year, *knock on wood* The back is a little twangy on uneven ground and occasionally when I sneeze, but all things considered I am enjoying this early summer IMMENSELY! Ya-hoo. Be glad for your health and life!

I took one look at the pics Boss took of us holding pelts and started chopping my hair. I looked like a wild witch in the pix! Just too thick. Layering helps for the time being, but when it grows out I am wild again! We'll see what happens when I wash and condition later-I might be kicking myself in the arse over the chop job. Curly hair, anyone?

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Wood Mouse said...

Thanks for the Gyros info, I shall look further into that, but with lamb as I don't know where to get goat... yet! Could they be called Tyros? Or is another sign that we are divided by a common language!

As your back twinges when you sneeze then don't sneeze, I often find the simple solutions work. Or is that simplistic?

Now I don't think you need to worry about looking like a witch, the muggles wont notice anyway. As my hairline is not so much receding as racing towards my back, any hair will do me.