Saturday, October 17, 2009

Afternoon Chores 2

Well said, Tonia, things did not go as planned tonight at all.

One of the LGD's is fairly new, and has a habit of taking off. He finds ways out. I was warned to keep the wooden gate chained since he has most recently been using that as an escape. So, amongst all the other chores, we feed and walked the dogs and brought them back in.

But gun shooting had started up on the hill across the road. I had also been warned that both the dogs suffer anxiety when there is shooting and that is when Luke is most liable to take off. No worries, I had the gate secured.

I was raking up the pasture just outside the paddock gate, trying to get that finished before the geese went in, and Willow called from the barn, "Luke is trying to get out the wooden gate,"

Intent on the job at hand, I said, "tell him no!"

I should have dropped the rake and gone immediately, for next thing I know, I hear Willow calling the dog so I ran to see her flying out the gate. I followed. It was like a bad comedy show, or maybe a good one, since I am biased being one of the participants.

There goes the blur of white giant dog down the road, Willow in hot pursuit, and me trailing the long behind. The dog gained on Willow, Willow gained on me (she recently placed second at school in the half mile run and it showed tonight!)

Lucky for her young strong legs, she saw which way the dog went at the intersection, and I hollered for her to come back so we could get the car since I knew there was no way to catch him on foot.

All the way back to the car, the geese honking in astonishment as I left them in the gathering gloom to persue the dog.

Down the road, around the corner and no sight of him down the road, so we drove along and we saw him in someone's front yard. I backed up and pulled in and was much relieved I was able to catch him without a merry dog chase.

Into the car he went and I held my tongue not to scold him since we had managed to catch him afterall.

I made sure I snugged that chain up TIGHT when we got back, and rushed on to the geese.

The two younger ganders are supposed to go in first and get locked in the back of the goose house, but the old one tonight was determined to go in first. Around the goose house they went three times with Willow and I trying to separate them with push brooms.

Finally one younger guy darted in, followed hot on the heels by the old guy, whom I blocked with the broom. No go, the thing was determined, so I pinned him with the broom and let the other one pass in. Then I had to go in to latch the door, and a couple of the geese followed me in and saw that broom and ran back out and around two more times before they went in...all but the youngest, who kept going around in a panic not knowing where the rest of the flock had gone...duh.

Phew, geese done, time to bring in the horses, Yeah, right, they were at the way top of the field and not budging, so we gathered halters and leadlines and hiked up the mountain to get them.

Haltering was a cinch, but the filly was full of it again and I couldn't manage both, so Willow took Maya, her first time leading a horse, down off that steep pasture in the near dark.

Then Maya drank all the water in the tub by the barn on her way by, so when we finally had them down back I had to refill the tub by the barn and lug another few gallons down to them to make sure they had enough...

It was dark by the time we finally finished.

One more night and I think that's of course first thing in the am again. That was another nightmare today with the weekend boys scaring the barn goats so half of them wouldn't come in....sigh.

Well, I have my regular helper coming in special tomorrow per my request, good thing since one of the other boys told me today he wanted tomorrow off...

And...we are due for rain, possibly mixed with snow tomorrow late. Oh boy.


~Tonia said...

Oh my!! Rough stuff!! Glad you was able to catch the dog easily! I have been there and done that. Except no secure fences to really hold them. So glad that is over!
They are saying a frost/ freeze for us tonight. The low is 30*! Brrrr! But snow I am not ready for yet! I am hoping the rain is gone for a few!

Wood Mouse said...

The best laid plans of mice and men...

I don't know about a bad comedy it made me laugh as well as making me feel for you. I had many a night chasing geese a few years ago. If I had been blogging then I could have written a template for how it went...

BTW are you related to someone called Bolt? Considering willows turn of speed.