Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Phoenix

Today was another beautfiul fall day just like the day Phoenix was born.

I went into labor late morning, and we went grocery shopping. I didn't want to call the Dr. too soon, since I spent too long in the hospital with my first son, and they don't let you eat while you are there.

So we had lunch, went for a walk on the beach, and I went for a walk along the road. Finally when the contraction got about four minutes apart I called the Dr and lied and said they were five or six minutes apart. He said to wait a while, so I pigged out at dinner and had two hamburgers with cottage cheese about 6 pm.

Then we started watching Liar Liar with Jim Carrey. I was laughing really hard and my water broke. I figured it was time to get motivating, so I took a shower and packed my bag.

On the way to the hospital, a half hour drive, I thought maybe I had waited too long and said the same. Hahaha. Well, we went to the ER to sign in, and then hustled me up to maternity where I had to read every line of the consent form and then had a fit about one of the lines that said I gave the hospital all the fluids, etc, and circled that part and told them I wanted the placenta to take home for burial.

that nurse was having a fit!!! So was the doc! He couldn't examine me until I signed, so they agreed and I signed and an hour later Phoenix was born. Yeah, I cut it close.

I didn't copy any of his newborn pics cos he was a ten pound baby and a natural childbirth. His eyes were swollen shut in his birth pix!!!

So here a couple of newborn pix-he is well under three months.

Here he is with his father.

And with me.

Here is a great pic four years later at the same hospital with his day old sister and myself.

Phoenix was always a big boy; today at twelve years old he is as tall as I am, 5'8", and has bigger feet.

He is polite and well mannered, smart, a great big and little brother, and everyone loves him. He is the big jokester and has been making up his own jokes since he could talk. He is a terrific mimic and loves to repeat lines from shows and movies with great recall.

Today we watched Wolverine X Men Origins-great movie-and he was mimicking one of the characters who is made up to look like 600 pounds in the movie. Here is this stick skinny kid enacting the line and you didn't even need the special makeup effects to see the scene. Phoenix is a riot.

Happy twelfth birthday, sweetheart!

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~Tonia said...

10lbs?!?!? Omgoodness!! Lol at the reading every line and cutting it close. Happy Birthday!