Monday, October 19, 2009

afternoon chores 3

Yes, the best laid special helper was a no show yesterday am, good thing I was up at the crack of dawn and had Willow with me. I had one weekend boy, and the word was out Boss was cutting their hours so he wanted to leave...I made him stay and then he made me call R in at 9:30. TG I got ahold of R to help with the bucks since it takes two-one to walk and one to clean and Willow might want to but I was not going to ask her to do one or the other.

When we got back to the farm there was shooting again and no sign of the LGD Luke...we searched to no avail and went home for a break.

I could have used a nap by then, but my oldest was paying a surprise visit so that was cool and I speed cleaned the downstairs since that was quite a disaster!

We went back to the farm early and still no sign of the dog, searched the roads on the way to the bucks, tried to call P but went to voicemail...I was spreading fresh bedding in the barn since we were due for rain, and there was the dog sleeping in the small stall! We checked there in the am and called in the afternoon so who knows where he had been?! But at least he was there!

The rest of the chores were fairly routine-I was glad to see the goats come into the barn from the rain! They started coming in as I was putting in clean bedding and it was so cute they were trying to lie on the bags of shavings!

IN the front stall I dumped a big pile and was going to kick it under the benches and decided to leave it for the goats to spread, and in a little while one of the older wethers, poptart Jackson, had made a bed on the top of the pile! I didn't have the heart to kick him off and spread it! I wanted to get a pic it was so sweet with a bunch of goats around him.

The next trouble was the other LGD, Baloo, sprawled out on the floor of the tack room and wouldn't get up! If I left him there I would have to lock him in since the grain is there and they push the door open for the I spent at least 15 minutes wondering what to do and tried to bait him by feeding the cat and with a puppy treat. Finally I locked him in and then went about 1/2 mile and turned around and went back and kicked him out!

He looked so upset about the rain, now mixing with snow and the goats in the barn, but it was a long time to leave him locked in.

I was pretty peeved at P for hiding out in her house through chasing the dog and R for sticking me on Sunday so I put extra bedding down for the goats in the barn knowing it would aggravate P but good for the goats! P hates having the goats even in the barn and hardly puts down any bedding for them. You'd think she was buying the stuff...

I told R about it this am and he said she was like, WTF?!?! When she saw it. HA. Boss already told me I could put down as much as I wanted, and since I was stuck sweeping poo out of the field all weekend-the goats wouldn't come in the barn which I have a feeling P has been chasing them out. She said this am she chased them out before I got there...Aggravates me that people that don't like animals work with them.

Well, barring anything unusual, I am taking tomorrow off!! I have a pile of stuff around here or I might just rest!

I had a busy am at the farm even though it was a short one. I walked the bucks and when we brought them back we were missing a couple. I knew where they were, so I had to go allllll the way back down to bring them in. Normally I wouldn't mind, but I have had a very active weekend and my feet and legs are getting a little tired! I wish we had the horses in with the bucks 'cos I would have hopped on one bareback to save me the walk!

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~Tonia said...

How aggravating trying to work with people who really dont care like that!! Enjoy your day off!