Friday, October 16, 2009

Afternoon Chores

I agreed to do afternoon chores at the farm this weekend, a first for me.

There wasn't much involving goats-the most was hay and water to the bucklings on the hill, and Willow and I spent some time just saying, "hi" to our favorites.

First it was turning out the fat mare, and feeding the vocal Guinea hog, Laverne.

Then feeding and walking the Great Pyranees, and feeding the cats.

The last animals to deal with were the goose flock, which was causing me the most anxiety, but went fairly well. The sky was turning crimson and they were ready for their grain and Willow helped steer them in with the push broom.

Then the horses in for the night-the Filly, Estrella, was FULL of it. I opted to halter and lead Maya and let the filly follow, which she did, charging and retreating until the end. She made it all the way back down to the barn for a drink and charged back into the now-darkening field.

I took Maya's lead and made a makeshift halter around the filly and took her down back, prancing, ears laid back. That trick comes in handy when messing with a halter might be a challenge. Toss the lead behind the ears and loop around the nose. Hold both ends firmly under the chin for control and let go one end to release..

Hope the chores go that easy tomorrow....:)

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~Tonia said...

I hope chores go smooth for you all again tomorrow!! Of course you know thats usually not the way it works!!lol