Thursday, February 17, 2011


Last night I got the chills. I figured it was because the house was cold after I got all sweaty while skiing yesterday. Then the toilet seat made me yelp when I sat on it. That is always my personal fever indicator.

I am supposed to be watching out for sore throat and fever. One of the rare nasty side effects of methimazole, my thyroid med, is reduced white blood cell count, whose symptoms include fever and sore throat. It can be a life threatening complication.

Last time I went off methimazole for a sore throat, I ended up in the er with a seized shoulder. So I took my meds this morning and called the doc afterwards. I was going in for my three week blood work and figured it would be easier to get the CBC (complete blood count)at the same time this afternoon.

There was a bit of confusion, since the nurse wanted me to go off the meds, but I wasn't going to the lab until this afternoon, and she wanted to know how long the results would take and said she'd call me back.

I got to the lab about noon and they had no CBC order. I told them my situation and they kindly drew the tube and set it aside for the order, and I called the office and left a message that was what was happening.

As I was leaving, the nurse from endo called me back and said she wished I had waited for her call, but that they would get back to me with the results, tonight if necessary so I could continue with the meds if everything was ok. She seemed a little put out, but the blood was ready to go so I was happy. :)

Then she called me this afternoon. My white blood count is low and I have to go off the meds. They will look at the results of the thyroid blood work and then we'll talk some more tomorrow morning.

It's a very serious condition and I can't go to the girls final game tonight because of risk of infection while my White blood count is low. I am under doctor's orders to take it easy and put my feet up! Of course I am still driving him to the game, and driving back to get him, and going to a friend's tonight to watch a movie (I already called to make sure none of them are sick) You can't tell an obsessive compulsive claustrophobic they have to stay home!!

There is another med, but people that react to this one often react to that one as well. That leaves radioactive iodine to kill the thyroid. I knew that was coming I just wish I could have a little more time. My last thyroid levels were still high. I have been feeling pretty good so hopefully it's better.

Wish me luck!

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~Tonia said...

Oh yuck I am sorry!! SO I have a question... Will Synthyroid not work for an over active thyroid?? Because I figured it would since it balances them.. BUT since its an over active I guess they wouldn't want to add more thyroid hormone to what you already have..
I am fine to stay home as long I dont have too!! But tell me I have to stay home and I want to GOOOO!!!