Sunday, February 6, 2011


No trips to the hospital last week, thank goodness, but a trip to the mechanics. I had a wheel bearing that had been grinding away for awhile and it was to the point I was anxious everytime I drove anywhere. The part was $110 and the labor was a steal for $40.

Kind of a steep repair for my old beater, just hit 188,888 and fast approaching 5 years with me. And the sticker runs out in March, do you hear the death toll? Just scrambling to get on my feet enough to get a replacement vehicle...

The goats are bored! Derek and Obi just stomped over a low section in the welded wire fence this afternoon to chew the tarp covering the hay (and wishing they had opposable thumbs to move the tarp to get to the hay). They totalled the fence, and I was amazed the rest didn't follow creating more damage.

I hauled the section of fence up, and luckily I had a long scrap of 6 foot welded wire I wired right over the bad section. Take that, you brats. I'll run an electric line in front of it if they keep that up!

We have a lot of snow on the ground!! I took Willow sledding to the big hill this afternoon. Just walking from the road to the crest was a nightmare, my weight enough to break through to 3 feet in places. Willow was light enough to mostly stay above a foot deep. No way was I going down and trying to walk back up through that!

Willow went twice, breaking distance records for us both times. She even made the jump at the bottom (where I usually wipe out) and hung on all the way to the bottom. A long way, poor thing slogged her way back up for a second run. By then I was frozen just sitting on the other sled watching. I should have gone down, I would have warmed up on the climb back. I just wasn't sure I would make it!

We have a steep hill to one side of the house, and last week the dog chased her down and could barely make it back up! It was over his chest, and I bet he was thinking he should not have chased her down the hill!

Cashmere combing season is starting, I combed stinky buck Chris last week. He loves the attention so much he had his head on my knee at one point. Until he got his hay, that is. Goats love food!

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~Tonia said...

Okay for some reason this didnt show up in my reader!!
I will TRY not to complain about how much snow we have!Lol .. We dont have 3 feet and a bunch melted the other day so that is why there are bare patches. More is rolling in tonight. Of course there is a reason I live this far south it so I dont have to deal with snow like yours!!
Walking back up the hill would Sure get your blood pumping! I did it once and about passed out!Lol.. I am seriously out of shape!
I think my bucks are bored too! I am hoping to find some things for them to climb on soon. Everyone is gettign serious cabin fever the girls havent been anywher ein over a week.. I am surprised we are half way sane still of course we have school work to keep us busy along with chores..
188,888?? Ahhh thats just a youngster!!lol Our last car finally retired and 340,000+...Lol. It was a good car. Wheelbearing do sound scary. I had one goin gbad one time when I was a teenager.. I didnt think nothing of it.. Till my dad fixed it and he said it fell out in pieces!!yikes!.
Have a good week!