Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We lost

We're done, we lost our semi-final game last night. I was sure we were going to be making it to the finals. We led by a narrow margin until the 3rd quarter, when the opposing team put in a huge surge to pull ahead by ten points.

Our team was playing the game it had been building to all season. All the little things they failed in previous games they corrected last night. I will miss watching all the boys play so well!!

The spider, a seventh grader who crouched over the ball as he raced it down the court, dribbling back under a leg and pivoting to change direction when challenged. His layups were a thing of beauty; he would spring to the basket with his feet tucked up behind him. When he fought over the ball he would frequently get a traveling call as he clutched the ball to his belly and wrapped his limbs around it as he rolled away.

The terrier, another seventh grader that had the quickest feet and sharpest eyes as he dogged an opponent down the court.

The giraffe, our knee injured eight grader, well over six feet, who could grab a high pass out of nowhere and shoot like a pro.

The bull, heavily built who could swipe a rebound halfway down the court and jump a mile high.

And the Firebird, whose rebounds would swish in time after time, teamates 3 point shot attempts turning into passes for his next basket. He could get the opposing teams rebound, pass it off, and be positioned under his own net in a flash.

Those were our starters, the rest of the team were great players too!

The flea, a tiny seventh grader that had trouble hanging on to the ball but who could shoot like no tomorrow when he was open.

The stag, Willow's favorite, a fifth grader that consistently nailed three pointers.

The twins, one light and one dark, scrappers who were so intent on the ball they frequently fouled.

The parents who sat with me in the bleachers everygame and put up with my cheering.

The coach who went from a quiet, sitting with legs crossed coach to stomping the sielines shouting at every error and yelling game plans, looking so good in his khakis with dress shirt and tie! :D

Good season, don't know what I will do with my free time now!

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~Tonia said...

Sounds like someone Really got into it!! Thats great! Love the descriptions..
How are you feeling?