Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I've been feeling pretty good lately. Thanks Tonia for asking!
I get mad that I was sick for so long trying to get the first appointment!

I went skiing today! For the third time in 30 years. LOL. I was AWFUL. We went right to the top of the mountain after I put my skiis on, and I fell at least 10- maybe 20 times. I didn't try and keep count.

I forgot to say that I lost a ski pole getting in the chair ("I'll send it up with the next one!")

and then I dropped the other pole getting off the lift.

Once I almost hit a tree, but I fell back and slid into it until my ski tips were touching it. Then I was sort of stuck, my butt in a hollow and one ski up on the big water pipe.

The ski patrol stopped and said, "Did you hit that tree?"
and I was like, "NO< NO I just slid into it...I'm having an adventure."

Once I started sliding backwards on my back and I thought it might be easier to get down the mountain that way. No wonder there were "No sliding" signs posted.

Well, I finally made it all the way down! My bottom feels like someone beat me with a board! lol But, on the bright side, I didn't break anything!

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~Tonia said...

LOL!!! Oh my sounds like maybe sking is Not your thing!! Glad you are feeling better! Glad you didnt break anything on your adventure!
Sunshine has held off all day and went back to eating normal... It better be tomorrow!