Friday, July 3, 2009

Goats and a Thunderstorm

Thunderstorm is putting it mildly. I finished the dishes around 10 pm last night just as the Firebird came down for a drink of water and a chat. I saw light flashing in the low cloud cover which has been persisting all week. First I thought it was heat lightning, and then I thought it was reflection from far away fireworks. I could even hear a distant, "Boom, boom."

Around 11 we realized it was an encroaching storm, as I tried in vain to watch the 11 pm news while the digital signal cut out with every flash. Occasionally the anchorwoman's face would freeze and we would laugh at her, then the screen would go blank. Making sense of it was useless, so I decided to go to bed.

The Firebird was directed to stay on the couch, since his second floor bedroom is right inside the drop for the powerline. Well, a few minutes later the house was shaking with the thunder crashes, and then we had a hit. You know, when the lightning and thunder strike at the same time. Crap.

I roused Willow from a deep sleep and put her down on the smaller couch and put my blankets on the floor. No sleeping at that point, though. Finally around 1am I decided it was safe for the kids to go back to bed, with the storm still raging to the east of us. I had farm and friends in mind, as I knew they were getting clobbered.

I looked out and saw the brooder light was off in the chicken coop, even though we (amazingly) still had power. I knew then the electric fence had taken a direct hit. Both extension cords are on the same GFI outlet, so I booted up and went outside and re-set the outlet. The light came on in the coop, but the charger stayed silent. Uh-oh.

Praying it was just the fuses, I tore apart the tool area twice looking for fuses so I wouldn't have to do it in the am. We had farm duty on the morning roster. Finally at 2 am after going over everywhere twice, including under the fridge (can you say, "ewwwww....?") I gave up. I did find 5 packs of sparklers for the fourth of July, though.

I knew the goats would respect the fence-most likely-for at least the morning, so we headed to the farm. I ran some errands afterwards and replaced the fried fuses and did get the charger going without having to replace it, and I did thank God. :)

I took a bunch of pix at the farm. Willow has been heartbroken: her favorite doeling is going to Colorado soon...She has cried several times over it, so I thought I would get their pic today.

Here is Lois, who yells incessantly in the morning until she gets her grain. I asked Boss if hay might help, and the result was Lois yelling with her mouth stuffed full, which did give Boss and I a good laugh.

Here is Emerson, a wether:

Jackson foreground, Jasper to the right, Bonnie behind, and shy Sandhja in the rear.

Here is Francis and Uureka's little first place buckling:

And one more of Willow with her faves: Coretta's little doe on the left, Bonnie's little buck on the right:


Wood Mouse said...

Hope you all have a happy forth especially with the new found sparklers.

If only I had thought of storing my fuses under the fridge :-)

~Tonia said...

Your weather sounds like ours up until about 3 weeks ago!! Glad you didnt have to replace your charger!! THose are a pain to decide What,Why and How!! To funny about the sparklers!!
Lol at the goat who hollers for her grain! I have one like that the herd queen hollers till I get out there to milk or if she just wants me out there.. She will have her mouth full and be hollering. Sort of muffles it!!
I know your post when its Anonymous. Unless that was you that sent an Anonymous comment but I didnt think it was. It wasnt like your usual comments..
Poor Willow I know how girls get attached to animals.. Dont know if boys do like girls but my girls can get so attached!! They break your heart when they are crying about it!
Happy 4th of July!