Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Peko

Peko the dog has been with us a year today. We adopted him from the shelter and they said he was about two, so we estimate he is three years old now. He's a lot of fun.

I worked a few hours at the farm this am. P is taking on all the workload with every morning and evening chores, so I offered to come in as an extra today to help everyone get out early. B and I did well, finishing by 11. He was happy since he was going to a concert tonight and wanted to get ready. He already had changed his crew cut to a green mohawk. LOL. I took him for a country guy, but the name of the band was mud something (hey, that sounds country) but with the green hair it must have been punk-ish.

Of course it poured rain-I was soaked before I got to the barn after feeding my own goats. I expressed some milk from Lilymore and Sugreca again-P and B had some trouble yesterday. I should ask Tonia about this drying up...for myself my does have weaned their own and I never had to deal with it. My doe that had a buck had a twin sister that I left with Mom so it wasn't just yanking triplets away...I do keep chanting, "sage oil" (see simple life blog in sidebar) but I don't have any...

Also, the owners are away, so I wouldn't want to start treating their goats without permission...I figure if I can get some milk out it should help the pressure-just not enough to make them produce more. The Boss wanted us to milk them a little through weaning, but I leave them pretty full...

You'd think I would know what to do having breast fed three of my own....LOL real kids, that is.

Lilymore had been holding a foot up for three days-I had yesterday off-so I put the copper something Boss just started using between her clews since the hooves looked ok. Tonia, I did tell Boss before she left about the oregano oil and will remind her when she returns.

Poor goat has lost her voice yelling for her babies, too...I hope the extra attention I gave her today helped. :(

My own goats are needing attention. Daph was acting a bit weird today, although she was eating, wasn't lame, and had normal poops...maybe it was just the rain, I think we are all sick of it!!!!!!

We have a Bermuda high moving in for next week-muggy and eighties, and Willow yelled, "swimming!" when she heard. I have had a woodstove going most of the summer so far just to burn off the damp-"The summer that wasn't," is what the weathermen are calling it.

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Wood Mouse said...

Ms Tree I think your Blog should carry a health warning! When I read, “...real kids that is.” I nearly choked on the mouthful of tea I had just taken and this caused me to slop hot tea on my leg.

That detail was not needed, but it was the picture that it drew in my mind that had me trying to suppress my laughter that caused me to wet my pants. I am just glad that my cat was not on my lap or I would have suffered serious injury!

PS Bark Bark Bark, thats Happy Birthday in dog (sorry about the English accent)