Friday, July 17, 2009

You've stepped in it

Doesn't Miss Rubes look comfortable? Move over Ruby...!

Well, been a week. Cleaned a set of tack for Maya, fitted the bridle, and then couldn't get the bigger girth over her fat gut. I might try switching saddle pads and see if that helps.

Did the Jenny Nash bucks with B. The bucks have taken to going wayyyy down in the woods while we clean. Quite a hike to bring them in.

Did laundry. Got skunked(no fish) Mackeral fishing along with everyone else on the Breakwater, according to passerby reports. Lost a four dollar lure. Had Peko drag me backwards off my ass onto the granite trying to hold him off..a beagle? And then a German Shepard, and a Cairn Terrier....He is going to get banned for his non- existent doggie manners the next trip.

We saw some sort of sea duck flock fishing, so we moved over to cast near there. One giant cast from the Firebird, and we waited to see the splash of the lure, and slpposh! Right next to the closest duck, at least 75 yards away.maybe not that much, but far..The bird jumped and flapped and it, and the rest, quickly swam away throwing furtive glances over their shoulders expecting another sploosh...TG he didn't snag the bird, but it was quick a freak thing.

Then I broke my cobbled together pole by slamming it in the hatch. Two trips, two poles now...

Today I went to the dump. See slug photo on other blog. Stopped at the grocery store, and Willow spied something on the floor in the checkout Aisle. I drew the attention of the cashier and said, "maybe it is chocolate," and then in response to the disgusted expression on the face of the nice lady in front of me, "well, or something less desirable...."

NOt just leaving it there, I go on to add, "well, I thought it was peppermint pattie, it smells rather minty over here, and then Willow, "no it isn't, I see YELLOW<"

Which promptly causes a small gag reflex from the lovely lady in line ahead of us, "please excuse her,"I said, *giggling uncontrollably,* "she is quite graphic, it's the artist in her,"

The manager, coming around the corner with a handful of towels, "you've stepped in it,!" and yes, I had, and it was definitely not a minty odor that ensued when she proceeded to smear it at my feet with a handful of papertowels...Yes, I stepped in something at the checkout that either fell out of a diaper or a pantleg.

How do you top that? Well, it was in the eighties today!!! Yah! So I spent the afternoon in the garden, tying the tomatoes, hilling the squash and zuccini, weeding, weeding, weeding. I had the brilliant idea to plant moneywort in my paths years ago, and it decides it likes the logs edging the beds better, and hey, look, beds! So it needs constant attention to keep it from taking over the world. IT is blooming now, though, pretty little yellow star shaped flowers.

The second brilliant idea was to hedge one path with peppermint, oh I see you experienced herbologists are laughing yourselves sick, knowing what a rampant spreader mint can be. Still, I whacked the hedge into shape again and threw the cuttings all over the outdoor chicken pen-Phew, did that help?

I found a bunch of worms working in the garden, so I took the kids fishing late afternoon. Phoenix stuck his brand new lure in the weeds before I had Willow's hook baited, then Willow caught one of her "Feastie friends" the tiny sunfish, which I released unharmed after he flopped back onto the beach at our feet before flipping back and away.

The Firebird came back with boogie board and swim trunks, the better to retrieve the lure out of the pickerel weed, and ended up swimming while Willow tried, unsuccessfully, to fish at the dam. The Firebird had the best idea. (swim)

Had a moment of panic that the fridge wasn't working but it's fine and has ice cream and freeze pops and extra milk and juice and ice cubes. The electric meter was read yesterday, so it should be fairly simple to see how much more electricity we use.


~Tonia said...

All I have to say about the stepping in stuff is EWWWWW!!!
I snagged a bass one time looking the other way!! Lol I was reeling in and it caught it right at the edge of the pond bank.. One of those freak things!! I also caught a turtle that way.. But not many fish!LOL
I love to let mint grow!! I just plant it were Kyle thinks he has to use the weedeater and it keeps it under control! I need to get some started here!!

tree ocean said...

I love mint too! Better than yellow! LOL