Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lots going on

Been working a lot at the farm. R found another job, and the owners are leaving for Sweden next week for two weeks. I agreed to work the bucks tomorrow, and clean some riding tack.

A few weeks ago I had proposed working the fat older mare to help condition her and also have an excuse to teach Willow to ride. Initial inspection showed me the tack was in desperate need of attention, so I did get the saddlepads and girths to the laundramat, but didn't reassemble the saddles since they need a good cleaning and oiling and a close inspection for rot and cracks.

So hopefully I will have time to do that in the am. I used to clean 7 saddles and bridles at a local stable once a week as a teen for a free lesson (we were called shiners), but these will require more time- since it is not just a touch-up.

Just got off the phone with Boss and she also asked if I could be a contact person while she is away for folks that want to see the goats and/or fiber in the cottage. So that's a cool responsibility, as long as I can mange the finicky lock on the cottage!

Phew. Can't believe it is the middle of July. Haven't done nearly enough around here!

We did get a new to us fridge yesterday. P's Mom had a small camp fridge=at least twice the size of our last one, a dorm style fridge. It has an interior freezer, and I just put an ice cube tray in there/ Wow ice! And enough room in the fridge for all kinds of more stuff like a jug of water and produce. Willow shined it all up and now the rest of the kitchen looks shabby! So that gives you an idea if an old camp fridge can brighten my kitchen! Hehe. Good thing I bought that cheap gallon of white paint this week!

Now if they weather would dry up and I could buy some time... :)


~Tonia said...

Oh yes Time is the hardest thing to get!
Our summer is going way to quick here too!

Wood Mouse said...

Well it looks as though you have shipped the wet weather over here!

Spare Time? I vaguely remember having some of that once, I will have to look around and see if I can find it.