Tuesday, July 28, 2009

White Kitty

A couple months after we started putting food out for feral black kitty, white kitty started showing up. I knew a little about white kitty. My near neighbor had called me up last fall about him showing up on her doorstep. She asked me if he was mine and then asked if I wanted him. Another foundling. I don't think she took him in as she is up to more than she can feed. So he's a big neighborhood tomcat bum, quite friendly.

When I first saw he had blue eyes, I thought he was most likely deaf. I keep testing him and he responds in such ways I think he can hear. So that's cool, since I thought all white blue eyed cats were deaf.I think it is 70% - that is off the top of my head from research a few weeks ago.

meet "White Kitty"

(I suggested we shorten it to, "witty")

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~Tonia said...

He is different.. Cats are so funny anyway.. We had a white female a few years ago some one left her in a friends car. But she never would tame down and she was little when we got her.. But She had kittens and it was 4 white and 1 black kitten. She left the black kitten at about 4 weeks old. I brought him inside and he was the first house cat I ever had. His name was Flipflop. But He disappeared one day and never came back.