Monday, November 1, 2010


The sun is really coming up late! I am actually looking forward to the time change so 7am is not the crack of dawn! None of us are wanting to give up our warm beds at that cold, dark hour!

I had my thyroid ultrasound Friday. Although I have had sonograms in the past, I felt fairly uncomfortable during this one. There is not really anyway to describe having your large, tender thyroid thoroughly manipulated by the sonogram mic (?). I swear at one point I could feel those sonos going right through my head to my brain when she had it angled up at the base of my thyroid.

I had to admit it was not quite as bad as an abdominal sonogram on a full bladder.

Lots of clicking-I knew from previous experience she was measuring. The monitor was over my right shoulder behind my head. I had my eyes rolled up sideways trying to see. I could see the screen but had no idea what the images meant. I could see light and dark places but having trouble telling what she was measuring. "Are nodules light or dark spaces?" I asked.

"They can be either," she answered.

Oh that's great, I'm thinking. I asked her if I should go out and buy my favorite food for supper. She laughed and said, "Don't write yourself off yet."

I bought my favorite food anyhow.

When your immortality gets shaken you start to wonder how many more times you will be able to enjoy things.

So, we had a great time trick or treating! Willow and my hands froze, so we quit earlier than we might have otherwise. At noon yesterday it was 36 with a stiff breeze. It was the coldest trick or treat we could remember!

Happy November!

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~Tonia said...

Eeeww I remember a ultrasound on a full bladder I thought I was going to cry if they didnt hurry!
I hope its something that can be taken care of quick and easy! My aunt just had one side taken out and she had nodules allin her throat but nothing malignant just uncomfortable benign tumors. That sid eof the family are just Knotty people!Lol...
We have done a lot of oversleeping lately between being sick and it not being light out early enough... I am ready for the time change this year.
We have temps going down in to the high 20's this week that is Chilly!!!