Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday the 10th

I took my radioactive pills this afternoon. I was repeatedly assured that it was harmless, that I wouldn't be shedding radiation or have to take any precautions. But the pill was in a pill bottle in a lead box in a lead lined alcove and I was directed not to touch the pills. She look a little alarmed as I held the pill cup and drank water, but I got them both down without incident.

Those folks at imaging really rock and make my doctor look sooo bad! Both times I went directly to sign in (they had three intake open), and before I signed the paper and got my band there was someone waiting to take me to nuclear or sonogram. There I had a chance to sit and pick up the paper before I was called. yeah, I like that kind of efficiency!

The worse news is that when I go back in 24 hours I have to sit still for ten minutes -three times(!) for images. I can't even beat the birthday cake frosting ten minutes-I go five and say, "good enough". How am I going to sit still for 10 minutes even once?

I am so speedy I pace and bounce my leg a lot. I was relieved when the woman who gave me the pills told me that after her daughter was born her thyroid went hyper. She lost 40 pounds in a week and couldn't make a complete sentence. So I guess I can't bemoan 15 pounds and not being able to comprehend a sentence. LOL.

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~Tonia said...

YEah for Competent people! The girls have to get their blood drawn ever 6 months. One place its quick and easy Excellent Nurses who know what they are doing. THe other Not so much... It got to the point one time I was about to tell her to stop and go get some one else to do it!It scared my youngest for the next 3 blood drawing appt.
Hmmm lead lined box but nothing to worry about??.... I dont know about that..
Good luck sitting for 10 minutes.. I definitely dont have an overactive thyroid and I cant sit that long....
But once you get everything figured out and they get start getting thingds leveled out you will be amazed at the difference in how you feel!