Tuesday, November 9, 2010

uummm Tuesday?

The time change was sucked up into this house like no tomorrow. I am still calling to rouse the house at 7am. My days are all backwards! I went into a time warp the last couple of days.

I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in thirty years on Facebook. This is such a small state, I saw a comment from a co-worker on his page. She had friended him because his cousin, who also happens to be my neighbor (!), thought she might want to know an Alaskan commercial fisherman, since she is a fan of the show, "The Most Dangerous Catch". He is a native Mainer.

I have never seen the show.

But I did know the Captain and his family from years ago, and it so happened the fisheries in AK are in the off season. I was lucky to catch him on the last days of his two week vacation.

I had a terrific visit with him. Poor guy, I peppered him with questions about what kind of catch and how do you catch it, since I really know very little about commercial fishing.

I think you've done pretty well for yourself, Captain!

I was in a time zone today, and received a call verifying an appointment for tomorrow that I thought was the 11th! I have to take a radioactive iodine pill and go back the next day for more imaging. The previous sonogram revealed a couple nodules so they want to check it out in more detail.

Still waiting to see an endocrinologist


I discovered Derek, one of my wethers, with a 6 foot stretch of four foot high welded 2X4 wire stuck in his horns this afternoon. I desperately tried to stretch it off him-wishing that the strong Captain was still around! I had to run for the fence tool.

Dumb goats! (maybe he'll stop bashing the fence now?)

The Firebird just found out he made the varsity basketball team! Stay tuned for pix! :D

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~Tonia said...

Okay You have a double post here!Lol Congrats to Firebird!!
I think Facebook is the craziest thing ever. I like it for the most part.....Till certain family members are on there and nosey into your life to much!Lol
This time changes has messed withme this year and this is usually the time change I dont mind I hate the "springing" Forward in the spring.
Hope the doctor visit gets taken care of soon but specialist seem to be in their own world and us normal people have no understanding!Lol
I doubt Derek learned his lesson! I just hope for your sake he doesnt make a habit of it! Lol