Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Don't I have original titles? LOL

We went to the sports awards ceremony tonight. Cross country and Girl's soccer went first. Both coaches said a little bit about each team member before awarding their certificates. Then each coach selected three players on their team for trophies. The girl's soccer coach awarded the principal the championship trophy.

It was a nice opportunity to hear about the other athletes.

Then it was our turn. Our coach is such a softie he welled up, crumpled up his speech, and, behind his box of tissues, quickly called each of the team for their certificate. He then turned to the trophies, and called Phoenix first! We were very happy!

I did get some of my test results back. Definitely serious thyroid issues. My TSH was <.01. The good news is that my sugar, electrolytes, kidney and liver were all normal. I am worried about my heart though, my resting pulse is 100 and blood pressure 128/48.

I am being referred to an endocrinologist. I can't wait to feel better!

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~Tonia said...

Yeah!! for the trophy!!
Ick on the thyriod! Did they not give you Synthyroid to get started on it? To help level it out. I hope you have an Endo close to you. We had to see the Pediatric Endo for the girls and there were only 3 in the state closest one was 2.5 hours away. He now goes to a town about an hour away and seees patients so not so long of a drive.
Oh and on the grain with the goats no real system I hold it over my head and dump fast!Lol Sometimes I take my spray bottle if they try the jumping thing.. A few skirts they stand back and wait for me to dump it..
I hope you feel better soon! Thyroid problems are No FUN!