Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunny Sunday

We are having a beautiful stretch of weather! Our Indian summer has arrived. Yesterday it was 62 in the shade.

I did manage to lie still for my thyroid test. I didn't even have to sign in, they sent me directly into the room. I first sat to have my background radiation checked for a baseline, so they knew how much to subtract of the different radioactive iodine I took the day before.

This was done by placing a small bar-shaped sensor on my leg above my knee. My leg trembled a bit. The reading came back lower than the background radiation. The radioactive iodine is meant to be absorbed by the thyroid, so it was good news it wasn't floating around in my leg, lol.

Then I had to lie down on a very narrow curved -well, it wasn't a cot, since I was slid back under the -camera? The first image was difficult, because part of the equipment had to barely touch my chin so it was focused over the thyroid. To lie completely still with a huge camera over your face with the cone over your throat and part of it on your chin was challenging. I kept my eyes closed. I did open them once and quickly closed them, lol.

I swallowed twice. That was hard, having the feeling I had to swallow and fight it and then it becomes a vicious loop- you HAVE to swallow, lol. The tech shrugged and said, "what are you going to do?"

I did get to move briefly after each image was complete ( I made sure to swallow then) I didn't swallow for the next two from each side. I did say, "Thank God!" when the second one was finished!

The tech was very nice. When he first slid me back, I said, "They said there wouldn't be any side effects, but I've had the song, "Radioactive" on my mind all morning."

He was very excited and said they had a program called Pandora and set about to find the song for me. Only trouble was, but the time he had the list of artists (I thought it was Peter Gabriel) booted up, the scan was going, so as he went through the list of artists I could just lie still and flap my thumbs at him in response, lol.

I was very glad to have music, although the tech was a bit fussy and kept turning down good songs or skipping to the next song just when I was getting into it. All I could think of was I hoped his wife kept him away from the TV remote, lol.

Still waiting to see and endo. Looks like Grave's disease.

Tons on the to do list, hope I can focus some of this manic energy!

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~Tonia said...

Glad you made it through the test!! Graves is the fancy name for Hyperactive thyroidright?? Like Hashimotos is the fancy name for Hypothyroid with a goiter. Thats what my girls have is the Hashimotos. They both have small goiters about 3X4cm each. Have you looked up anything on it yet? You may need to start milking a goat!Lol Raw goats milk is good for thyroid function. There are certain foods to avoid and supplements you can take along with synthroid meds. On Kara they kept having to up her Synthroid till I added the supplement I had found it finally leveled out and didnt have to raise it since.
Get one of those daily pill things when you get meds as sometimes its hard to remember if you took it the day before!