Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Black Fly Flew

So much for going to the beach today with the kids. So much for the cookout to which we were invited. So much for anything beyond lying electrified feverish sneezy drippy bubbly (and not in a good way)in bed all day.

I had a Boss here in Maine many years ago-he was a transplant like myself, although from Connecticut, who even named the symptoms, "Black Fly Flu". And sure enough, every year as the maples are blooming and the black flies start to gather, either myself or someone I know comes down with it.

The only trouble is, I haven't been bitten by a black fly yet this year, so it is apparently not contracted directly from a black fly bite.

*sniff, sniff* I don't know if there is any consolation in that fact.

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~Tonia said...

I dont think we have Black Flies here.. But I got the junk.... Woke up yesterday morning with it.. Yuck...