Monday, April 12, 2010


Been really busy doing spring stuff. Caught up with my friend K today and took a hike on part of her back forty. She has been enhancing an elaborate trail system down through their woods.

Here's a pic looking back up a small incline.

Here's a pic of K.

Here's a pic of her dog, Colonel Forbin.

Here's a pic of a pig I keep seeing on in the woods on my way to the farm. There is a farm nearby-but the pig is free ranging. Not sure of the breed-it's rather small in length, not in girth. Click for larger pic.


~Tonia said...

The pig sort of looks like a smaller Potbelly. They have funny faces and huge bellies hence the name Potbellied pig.. Some one dump it off maybe?? They do get fairly big and some get them for pets and dont know till they get them..
Look like a good hike! I have got so much Spring stuff I think it will be the end of summer before I get it done!Lol

Anonymous said...

yeah, I was thinking potbelly too. It looks like a big snowball it is so round. It heard me back the car up for the pic and was trying to "hide" behind that fir