Thursday, April 15, 2010

BLF's first baby of 2010

Congratulations to Nive for her lovely little doeling out of Duke.

Nive didn't care for either me taking pictures or the location of the baby; I caught her hoof descending from above to tap her baby and make her get up.

Maya, Norwegian Fjord. P was trimming her mane today.

Putting in a lot of time at the farm-chores at my own place are piling up! Combing still going strong all week at both places. Mine are winding down. Obiwan, the angora cross, really should have been sheared. His combing is so long and drawn out.

Of course the excitement at the farm this am was the first goatling of 2010! Sugreca is due today so hopefully by the next time I work there will be a few more babies!

Bonnie is due soon, too. She always has singles, but I swear this year she is carrying twins. I combed her today. And also Emerson, the cashgora white wether. I tied him outside; the sky was a brilliant blue, and a light breeze about 45F. The fiber was pouring off him- floating away like dandelion fluff.

The red maples are still in bloom, now highlighted by the bright lime green of poplar's early foliage. I saw frog eggs in the marsh.

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Dave said...

No newborn kids here, but I know Spring is really here because the peepers are making a racket every night.