Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Gained an extra hour yesterday. I reset my alarm the night before, adding an hour, and was really tired when it went off, but I went about my usual routine and woke the Willow up just before the time to go...then looked at the time on my cell phone and realized it was 7 am and not 8.

Apparently I had also bumped the time on the clock up an hour...lol

Typical mercury retrograde thing...

So, we went to the farm early and found Ursula with twin bucks. Her due date was May 18th. LOL. Little oopsie on that calculation...The count at the farm is now 2 does, three bucks, with Bonnie and Lillemore still to deliver.

The weather has been a bit wild; sunny and then rain and wind, then sunny, with fast moving clouds. And the black flies are out- but not biting...yet...that must be a record! Too bad I don't keep track of that stuff...lol

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~Tonia said...

Yeah for an extra hour! I wish I could do that everyday... But I cant trick my self like that for long..
I am going to blog about Sunshine and how I treated her mastitis sometime this week. Its been crazy around here..