Friday, April 16, 2010

Tree in Belfast

I love Belfast, Maine. I love the food co-op, I love the harbor, I love the architecture, I love the big laundramat that I never have had to wait for washers. I don't so much like driving in Belfast-it's worse than Camden. Imagine drunken sailors designing the layout. So, it's great for foot traffic.

My longest best friend helped (ie, he did the work while I got in the way) me replace the brake pads on the front of the car this afternoon. Yay! Driving in Belfast is challenging enough without squealing breaks heralding one's arrival. :P

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~Tonia said...

Good Picture!! I hate driving in the town we use to live in. They drive like Idiots!lol I like our little town now with the 4 way and thats about it!