Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Still sick...

Yep,I don't know whether it was a cold or flu that hit me last week, but now it has settled in my chest and sinuses, and I am totally exhausted. I thought about going to the doc's yesterday, but the thought of sitting in the germy waiting room for over an hour (I go the worst clinic in Maine, I swear)prevented me from picking up the phone. Actually, it doesn't start with the waiting room, it starts with calling on the phone.

Then they say, the nurse will call back. This is generic. The nurse will not call back for at least an hour, and sometimes not even the same day. During this time one must sit by the phone, keeping the line free, or have to repeat step one all over again.

Then if I manage to get an appointment, I rush to get there on time, to sit in the waiting room for at least an hour. Once called into the back, I have sat as long as two hours in the tiny exam room. The exam room has at least one large poster that says they will not prescribe antibiotics for colds and flu. Of course at this stage it is actually a secondary infection and I get worked up thinking I have gone through all their hoops and they are going to give me the run around about the antibiotics.

I can understand when some folks go in every other week with the sniffles wanting antibiotics or painkillers; the doctors need to take a tough stand. But I get very frustrated when there is medicine I need that I can only get by a prescription and I have to go through so much to get the medicine.

Last winter when I burned all the skin off my foot they gave me a hard time about the pain killers...three days into it. I mean, come on, if someone has burnt all the skin off their foot it should be rather obvious that painkillers are needed.

Or, I could go into my local grain store and buy a bottle of penicillin and self not me I am a chicken. *bawk bawk*

or should that me *cough, cough*?

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~Tonia said...

Okay I have missed post again!! You sound like me when I was going to the doctor for my ear. They were like its so plugged up we cant see anything... I was like I know thats why I am here for YOU to do something about it!..... But now they gave me pills and drops that didnt work and sent me home!
I hope you are feeling better!