Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

Here it is New Year's Eve 2010. I don't have any resolutions to offer. I don't have any reflections on 2009 to offer. I don't have a special menu planned, although the Willow made a request for chicken parmesian that sounded pretty good. Ok, I spelled paremesian wrong but I don't know how to activate spell check on this mactop. When I was a kid I pronounced it parmeeesian cheese. My kids used to call it "good cheese". Willow doesn't like it and the Firebird uses it in VERY liberal quantities on any pasta dish. I will melt mozz on the chicken and red sauce and serve the "good cheese" on the side.

I also have some leftover chevon churizo sausage. Boss gave me a pound as part of my Christmas gift. When I cooked it up the dog freaked out-remember the lamb incident? He sniffed the air, looked alarmed, and hid upstairs. Til the delicious odor permeated the upstairs. Then he returned and looked like a beaten pathetic Mr. pitiful. I gave him a bite. He ate it. Next bite my hand came away wet-he was drooling. yeah, it's good.

We saw Avatar yesterday. My three kids and myself. It was great. A bit of swearing that might be offensive but not the f word. I liked the message they were going for. The special effects were par excellence. I had to pick up a few things at the store afterwards and I felt like I was flying.

Our goats have broken out twice in a week. Poor things, not much adventure to be had around here in the middle of the winter. I have been messing with their grain feeding-if I have to work at the farm they get it in the afternoon with just hay in the am. They really don't like that. Both times they have escaped it was at the grain gate. This am I grained them and went to do laundry and left the Firebird home. I backed the car in and opened the car door and he was standing there..."hello" scared me to death!!

He said, "the goats broke the fence and I can't fix it."

and here comes my cute little herd of goats behind him through the snow-oh, Mom's home.

I grabbed a bag of leftover wreath fir and started spreading it in the goat pen. It was snowing lightly at the time and they all came running back in. Then I gave them their afternoon hay and fixed the fence and tore a hole in my new thinsulate ski gloves-grrr no wonder I prefer the heavy suede work gloves for farm chores!

So that's it-my bum's going numb kicked back on the bed, and chicken-good-cheese awaits.

Happy New year!


~Tonia said...

Chicken-good-cheese sounds well good!Lol WE didn't have much of a plan for new years some friends came over and as soon as midnight hit we all dispersed rather quickly! Lol Was in bed by 12:30!!
Kyle and the girls are anxious to see Avatar.
I piled a few rocks in my goat pen a couple of weeks ago to help occupy them!Lol It does help! lol They get on them and fight for queen of the rocks.. Nothing to strenous as they are all toting big bellies. Except for Van! haha
Did you see my reply to your chicken question? If not let me know I will email you about it!
Have a good day!

~Tonia said...

The bugs can be all over but they tend to lay eggs in one certain arae Usually around the vent or around their head. Its a white looking clump of stuff on the base or skin end of their feathers. I use the wood ashes for them to dust in of course avoid my mistake of not making sure there are no coals!! Lol
You can put the D.E. out with the ashes for them to dust in. They do a better job of getting it everywhere it needs to be.
You need to soak the roost and nest boxes too because the eggs and bugs travel there from bird to bird when they roost.. I will have to look in my chicken book and see what else it suggest..