Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Had today off and decided to start tearing down the old goat house. It's not actually that old; I built it a few years ago. Trouble is, I built the roof around, and the house right up against, this huge maple tree, because I didn't want to cut it down.

The first spring there was about 6 inches of old goat bedding piled up around the base of the tree, and I cleaned it up. Two days later the tree died. That was two years ago, and now all the small branches have fallen and there are mushrooms growing on the trunk. The thing is leaning over the goat house, and in my worrying state I can see the thing going down at 2 am in the middle of a NOr'easter with blowing snow and zero degree temps, squishing a few goats in the process and at the very least leaving them without shelter.

I guess I should have sold them all to the guy who bought Nic. He went on about how nice my goats are and made me a package offer, but no, I had to say, "NO," just so I could spend my day off and hard earned cash building shelters for them.

The lumber company was a nightmare and tried to rip me off and succeeded in ripping me off on the price of nails, but the lumber was a good deal, although huge for the job. I wanted some milled 2X4's and they were more money than the rough cut hemlock. So I bought the rough cut and it's big enough to build a real house nevermind a little dinky shelter.

I cut the pieces for the frame and partially assembled it and then assembled it in the pen-a little tricky with the uneven ground and snow cover, but then I was set up to start tearing the boards off the roof of the other shelter to use to floor and side the new one. That was the part I was dreading, but the building was good and sturdy after I had to reinforce it last week thanks to Nic, and the boards came off pretty easily even if the asphalt roll roofing was hard to get off.

I felt a little melancholy taking it apart since I hand peeled all the frame out of trees I cut down myself and hand fitted it all. We even did wattle and daub on the back wall but the goats tore all that out. Still, it was learning experience and nothing lasts forever.

I pulled enough rows of boards to cover the floor, and knocked the nails out and sawed them and put them on, and then worked on trying to get enough for the sides but I ran out of daylight. So I have one of two little houses half built and the big one half unroofed, and we are getting a snowstorm tomorrow.

AND Boss called and asked me to work tomorrow for R (it's his birthday) and I left a message I would if I can get there in the storm...The extra money will help pay for that stuff at the lumber yard today. I have already agreed to work Thurs for R ( the day AFTER his birthday) and Fri for P (it's HER birthday) and Fri night chores for Boss (they're going to a show-a sit down one not a goat show lol) and Sat morning in charge for Boss as well. So no day off until Sunday but hey holiday cash! And I can always try and finish this project off some afternoon even though we are due for Arctic air on Friday...hmmm maybe Thursday afternoon then...

LOL mumbling out loud! and of course I have the Willow asking for the other Christmas boxes to unpack and the Christmas tree and oh yes, Christmas cookies...Too bad Christmas didn't come later in the winter so we had more inside time for all this stuff!!!

Next year I am definitely making the wreaths and garland BEFORE Thanksgiving!
Maybe on Halloween.

OH STILL no computer part-had ANOTHER call from Dell the new arrival date is the 15th. Yeah right...this is the fourth time they have delayed the part. I am getting annoyed-patience is not one of my virtues!

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