Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday snow

From torrential rain to 6 inches of snow-welcome December! I imagine this snow will be with us until May now...

Still waiting on the computer part-it has been delayed twice now and is due by the 10th. I had to call and reconfirm the order and I was like<"yes I want it and I want it NOW!" LOL.

Worked the farm yesterday with R. We corralled some chickens someone dumped at the red cottage next door. They are really pretty four hens that look like Rhode Islands and a big red rooster with a double (rose?) comb. Last weekend someone dumped a mother cat and three starving kittens there-P took them in and was taking them to the shelter yesterday. Boss decided to take in the birds. Mr. Boss wasn't sure how he felt about a crowing rooster! LOL.

Was going to cut brush for wreaths and garland today but now everything is under 6 inches of snow! So probably some overdue housework and sledding and snowman making this afternoon.

I might try and get some pics up. I miss my own computer and I don't know how to resize on this one so they take a year and a day to upload!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

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~Tonia said...

I am glad we dont have snow for that long!! We have just enough to get sick of it!Lol Enjoy your day!