Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Yesterday I scraped together as much cash as I could and went Christmas shopping. I found some good stuff for my kids! I even bought myself a couple of things! LOL. One import store I love to visit had a wool blazer made in Tibet half price for $22. It is a bit too big for me but I just had to have it! It doesn't have any pockets in it though, so I may have to put some in. The sleeves are long so I guess they figure that will keep your hands warm!

Then I stopped at a couple of cheap places and picked up a bunch more stuff for stocking stuffers. I was enjoying blowing money so much I even brought home take out from our favorite Chinese food place. When I arrived home there was a big box from Swiss colony in the snowbank from a relative! Then there was a huge styrofoam box by the back door from Omaha steaks from another relative! Both the postman and UPS drivers had been there in my absence! Woo-hoo!

Sacks of presents, food from relatives-if that didn't get me the holiday spirit! I finally got the lights and garland on the tree and the kids and I spent the evening decorating it and it is sooo beautiful!

Today is laundry day-boo! And we have bitter winds out of the Nor'West as well. Tomorrow it is supposed to be highs in the single digits with wind chill below zero. I am so tempted to play hooky from the farm tomorrow! I am extra help on Thursdays and I am not much help if I am frozen! Besides, I have been feeling very disgruntled again about it, underappreciated and overcriticized. Between P and Boss on Monday there are just too many hens in the henhouse, so to speak, and I seem to be at the bottom of the pecking order! I mean, the job is NOT rocket science, how hard is it to feed animals and clean a little poo? But no, one of them always seems to find some little comment to make and it really aggravates me!!!!! If I didn't need the money I would be sooo finished! Oops, what happened to that holiday spirit from a minute ago? LOL.

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Barbara said...

First visit to your blog. Enjoyed reading and the picture at the top of your blog is beautiful!

Don't let those girls get you down.

Have a great day!

Oh yeah, coming home to find such nice gifts is fun.