Thursday, December 17, 2009


One Word...COLD!!!!

I was skunked at my local laundry yesterday-someone just beat me there and was taking the few big washers, so I decided to try the laundramat in Belfast. That was HUGE! And decorated to the max for Christmas. The laundry lady was very nice and I chatted her up and another customer who is a transplant from Capitol Hill in DC.

I grew up just outside the DC line so the three of us had a nice chat while I was folding mountains of laundry.

I did work the farm this am, although my fingers were screaming frozen-despite a double glove trick P turned me onto this year- after feeding my own goats before work. I was tempted at that point to call in, but I went in and poor R was by himself in the barn half frozen, so I am glad I went in.

Boss was in the house nursing a hurt back; P had called in sick. The wind chill was what killed us-well below zero. I found as long as I stayed moving my hands didn't get too bad since I was keeping the circulation going. R noticed the double gloved trick and said he was going to try that.

The base layer is a thin knit pair of Faded Glory two for a buckers-the top layer is a fleece-lined suede work glove. When working at the farm, the bulky work gloves often get in the way of collaring goats. I use my knees or armpit to pull the outer glove off and still have something covering my hand with the underglove. The knees or armpit help trap the heat in the glove until you can get it back on your hand. Nothing worse than putting a frozen glove on!

I could have used a scarf over my face today, though. I used to go bareheaded, but today I had on a cheap knit orange hunt hat and my hoodie. I was wearing a cotton turtleneck, a thermal long sleeve, a long sleeved henley, two polyester fleece hoodies, and a ski vest. Pants were a many patched pair of Tommy's jean and thermal longjohns (the front of them has worn holes so now I wear them backwards...LOL). Just a regular pair of socks and my new snowboots good for -30.

The only thing that was cold were my hands (always since I had frostbite helping Daphne kid in -20 a few years ago) and my face. I worked outside 1/2 hr at my own place, drove 1/2 in a freezing car to the farm, two and a half hours at the farm, and then another hour on my own night chores.

Is it spring yet?

Still no computer part-can't wait to post some more pics!!! New date: Dec 23.

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~Tonia said...

I wish it was spring!! I am just really not in the Mood for cold weather this year! I dont know if I could handle it as long as you all do up there!.. By the end of February here its usally back in the 40-50's with it dropping a lower every once in a while. SNow Occasionally in April But rare and by the end of May we are looking at 80's at least during the day...
I put latex gloves on under my work gloves. It seems to trap some of the heat in. If my glove gets wet it doents hurt my hand either.. But It dont get as cold here as it does there!