Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Once in Blue Moon

Our second full moon of the month is building. It was high in the sky through the snow encrusted trees well before dark tonight.

Yesterday I was practically cavorting in a tee shirt in the warm sunshine-temps have dropped drastically with 12F at afternoon chores, and howling winds out of the NorthWest as I type. A storm of "epic proportions" (according to the young weatherman on the local news channel) is building for this weekend. I hear that and I imagine a blizzard of several feet accumulation, but we have no snowfall amount predictions from the novice at this time.(*ed note: he is now saying storm of the decade)

I received a couple of ounces of fingering weight cashmere yarn from Boss as a Christmas gift, and I want to make a hat. I don't know how to knit, but I learned to crochet years ago from my grandmother. Granny squares. As a young adult I did some free form crochet as Christmas gifts, but I have never made a hat.

I found a pattern and diligently unskeined and balled the cashmere into a teeny tiny ball. I followed the pattern protocol and made a gauge; a number of stitches that are then measured to make sure the size is right. Wrong. Too small. UGH. The difference is that I am using very thin yarn. So I spent several hours trying to find a comparable pattern online. Usually my googling skills have high returns-not this time.

I did find one pattern that might work, so I might just wing it and see what happens. I suppose if it comes out too small I could give it to someone with a smaller head or rip it out and start again.

The hat, not the head.

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~Tonia said...

I was reading both of your blogs at the same time and thought for a minutes I had commented on the wrong one...Lol
I was working on the chicken house and was down to a long sleeved shirt and they are calling for a couple of inches now.. SO I bet this is what is headed your way this weekend..
I happened to notice the moon earlier and didnt realize we had a blue moon this month! I forget to look at the calender alot..Lol
I have learned to both Knit and Crochet in my life and its been so long I cant remember how to do either!lol