Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

A few minutes before the turn of Christmas morn. A dusting of white last night gave the day of Christmas Eve a magical start. We finished rolling, cutting, baking and frosting the rest of the sugar cookies-all of my kids taking turns. I frosted a few myself-my method was to frost the whole top of the cookie with chocolate and then outline the details with colored frosting. Yum. We ate cookies all day, gave some away, and still have a pan full.

Due to an illness in the family, the Bosses decided to visit away for the holiday and I agreed last minute to do night chores on Christmas Eve. Willow and I had a chance to wish Merry Christmas to all our faves, and I had a heavy hand with the evening pig and goose grain, extra treats for the dogs, extra hay for the horses, and special words for our favorite goats. Nice and warm-above freezing at least-it was a nice break not to have to crack ice out of buckets with frozen fingers.

I had a huge laugh at the pig. I had been told she makes her own bed, and to see her dragging a flake of hay into the back stall was something out of a scary movie, but still sweet. She stopped making her bed long enough to get a big chunk of bread from Willow and myself as a good night snack.

The presents are finally all wrapped and tucked under the beautiful tree. More practical gifts this year, a few treats, and some old standbys. I stuck a few for myself in there-a waterproof pair of thinsulate gloves and a box of cello dark chocolate covered cherries along with a new mug-I needed one with a handle. I have a few gifts for myself from others that I can't wait to open. Alas, no Bailey's this year (probably a blessing) since that gift giver is suffering lean times, but I picked up a bottle of Sambuca since I like a bit of liquor while wrapping gifts.

The wrapping got a bit sloppy at the end-but I finished with a couple new toys for the dog, and I don't think he minds if there is a lot of tape and crinkles in the paper.

Merry Christmas, blessings, and smiles....:-x

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~Tonia said...

I made more cookies today... Enough for us to snack on tomorrow.. Or I should say later today!Lol
Lol at the pig they are very talented at making beds. The ones at the farm use to make theirs and all of them would pile in and cover themselves up with hay.
We were able to get the girls some practical things they needed. I found them on sale!yeah!lol
Nothing big but thats okay.. I started to get some dark chocolate covered cherries but I passed them up for peppermint patties this year!lol
They are predicting snow for us anywhere from 8 inches in some place down to a 1-3 inches. The temp has dropped and its windy now.. SO we will see!
You all have a Merry Christmas!