Monday, December 28, 2009


Been busy! Worked Saturday at the farm with just S, and we got a lot of work done! He went through school with my oldest so I have known him since he was in kindergarten, and despite the age gap I think we make a great work team. He is a communicator like me, and we are very comfortable telling the other what we are doing next and chatting about everything else in the meantime. He even admitted sometimes he even talks aloud to himself about what needs to be done next and I had to chuckle because I am the same way.

Or I am chattering away to the animals.

Yesterday I was called in for R and poor Boss was doing all the cleaning when I arrived. Then it POURED rain and I was soaked through. Even my liners in my boots got wet. Yeah, I was glad to get home into some dry clothes.

I worked again today and was happy to see the sun! It was actually quite a lovely day out and a lot of snow has melted. We are due for more snow tonight.

i had to fix my mailbox this afternoon. As I was leaving this am I noticed it was vertical instead of horizontal. I thought, wow, that was some wind we had last night, LOL. It seemed as though someone had shoved it up and back off the post. Then as I was re-seating it I notice one corner was dented, so I checked things out when I drove to the town office to pay the taxes and license the dog. (yeah, I am a procrastinator). We saw a bunch of mailboxes on the main drag smashed so someone was vandalizing last night. Mailbox smashers really get my goat! So many people need their mail and older folks can't fix it themselves and a lot of folks can't afford to replace them. I was glad mine was repairable but still mad I had to spend 1/2 hour fixing it.

I used to watch CSI until one episode a guy was replacing his mailbox at night with one filled with cement cos he got sick of vandals. Well, the kid broke his arm and caused the driver to crash and they both died and they were going to charge him with manslaughter! And the CSI guys were defending mailbox smashing like it was a cool kid thing to do...I wanted to write the network I was so mad...

Well, that's about it unless you want to hear about all the food we are still trying to eat! :D

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~Tonia said...

Ooo Mailbox smashing really irritates me!. I must of missed that CSI!
I talk to myself, the goats, the chickens, the rabbits, the dogs, the kids and anything else that will listen!Lol
The little bit of snow we got blew away!lol Its been very cold and windy. After this week its suppose to warm up a little!