Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Monday

Here is a pic from yesterday. We took a hike up the pond and had a picnic on top of this huge boulder that is surrounded by water. The wind was cold!

There were about a half dozen groups ice fishing on the pond. We saw quite a few pickerel and one huge yellow perch dead on the ice. I know most people consider them trash fish, but not sure why they leave them on the ice. I do know the bald eagles and coyotes, also bobcat and foxes will probably eat them right up. Funny the people that complain most about coyotes are probably the ones that dump fish and deer parts!

Speaking of coyote,I saw tracks down towards the stream yesterday, and then they paralleled the electric fence, and then went UNDER the fence and across the back pasture!! I don't have wire fencing in the back so something could walk right up into the pen from there...I had extra fencing and that was on my to-do list for the fall and I never did it! And now I have used most of it patching places.

Last night just as dark was falling, Moonie was out! The brat! He has always been an escape artist! I thought he jumped on one of the house roofs and jumped the fence since it was sort of crunched there, so I had the Firebird help me add another four foot piece on top (the original there is six foot) First I tried a rope strung above, and that was a bad idea! Two of the wethers started standing on the fence to check out the rope! So they would have shacked that in no time! Plus I was worried about Moo hanging himself on it. So, I patched in some fence and it was cold and I was swearing at the goats!

Well, when I got home from the farm today, Moonie was out AGAIN! So I patched another piece out back where I was sure he was getting out, and then I realized there was a gap at a gate (which the Firebird said last night and I ignored him) so I fixed there, too! If he gets out again....grrrr!!!! IT better not be through the electric fence since that will be hard to fix with the snow on the ground. I had to disconnect a couple of the bottom lines. They were shorting out in the snow-that's how the coyote got in, a dip in the ground there. The terrain is very uneven so in the upper pasture I disconnected two lines, and the lower one three, but like I said, it is uneven so some places the hot line is not very close to the ground. So we shall see.

I will throw some urine up in the big hemlock to mark the territory and say a prayer the coyote likes fish better than goat!


~Tonia said...

I hate it when some one waste wild game! We find dear around here all the time.. They will take the back strap and antlers and leave the rest to rot. You cant convince me they were starving and trying to feed their families. If they were they would have taken the whole thing!... Pet peeve from living on gravel roads most of my life.
I have never had trouble with coyotes but have heard the urine thing works.. Maybe thats why... Kyle thinks if he is outside then that is more than suitable for a bathroom despite who may drive by!lol
I am so anxious to get my fence up here!! Of course weather is not cooperating!
I found something today that ticked me off. The crazy lady from Cali had "started" a blog and was going on and on abouthow I did her wrong.. I was so ticked then I realized she would probably shoot herself in the foot by complaining about me if she is using this for a farm blog to attract customers.
She had 2 post in October and that was it... Just irritates me..
Anyway Have a good week and hope your goats stay put!.

Dave said...

Never could understand why someone would just dump fish on the ice. Especially pickerel - they're a little bony, but not impossible to deal with if you're patient and have a good fillet knife.