Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Phew, been working hard. Bosses are on vaca at the farm, been pulling shifts with young R. Willow has been doing some combing. A few of the does were on to her today, and they wouldn't come into the barn for their grain without persuasion. As Boss likes to say, "oh, no, the combing lady!"

Anyhow, R is tough to keep up with! We have been doing chores in record time. I think P thinks we have been taking it easy since we finish early (P is on night chores)-but the fact is we have been busting tail to get it done!

I took the kids and dog to the beach today. The dog was psyched! Dog biscuit at the bank drive through (the kids got lollipops and I got some cash so I guess I won't sweat not getting a candy too). Then he got a dog biscuit at the transfer station, a burger at McD's, and we found a hairless tennis ball in the seaweed at the beach.

Willow grabbed up many many shells and filled a bag. I picked up a big tangle of trap rope-can never have enough rope-The Firebird got wet feet.

We are due for an Alberta Clipper tonight-hard to believe we are getting snow after this big lull and warm temps. Most places the snow has melted-not our lawn, we're the last to melt, I think. The snow must blow down off the pond and settle there. We are forecast for 4-8 inches tonight, but nothing yet. Seems warm for snow, but those can be the nasty kind of storms, wet heavy stuff that's hard to shovel and drive in, but good for snowballs and snowmen. And great for covering up the animal mess that the melting snow has uncovered.

So, I may get snowed in in the morning. One can always hope. :D

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~Tonia said...

Its so cold here by the time I got down with chores I was freezing. I hav ehad a hard time staying warm this winter!! They show it warming up to the 40's this next week for us!! WOO HOOO I am thinking hearing the peeper frogs would be excellent!! Of course we stillhave a few weeks till that is on schedule.. The farmers almanac has the last snow in April But we have had snow in April before.. RIght now though I swear I see anymore snow I will cry!Lol
We only have mussel shells here and my girls would bring everyone of them home with them Plus half of the rocks when we go to the river!!