Thursday, February 4, 2010


I worked the farm this am and combed Beatrice. Then I lugged four bales of second cut hay up on the hill. Well, I lugged four bales out of the lower barn and tossed them over the fence-and broke part of the fence in the process. Along with the broken post from yesterday, that pen needs some work!

Then I loaded two bales at a time on a plastic tobaggan, secured with a bungee cord, and pushed it up the hill. The bucklings were very excited about that! Then P and R showed up with the grain so that distracted them long enough to stow the first load and go back for the second. I said goodbye to Feisty-he and his brother were leaving for their new home this afternoon.

While I was hugging him, he whipped his head back and I took a horntip in the crease of the nose! Ok, Tonia, horns do hurt!

R and I hauled some brush and gave a big load to the main herd, so it was pretty uneventful. We cruised through the bucks and I quit early since I had to run some errands. I picked up the 2X4's for the little shelter, so I hope to do that tomorrow and bring my two new boys home after work on Saturday. I hope that all goes well, since my herd has settled nicely since Nic is gone...of course I can't stand peace and quiet, so I have to go get two more goats! LOL

I got some good filly loving today, too. She got kicked out of the barn while the aisle was getting grained, and since she can duck the chain and I had just arrived, I took the opportunity to distract her. We have a good rapport. I am a horse person first and foremost. She is young and full of it and wants and need the attention.

I like to rub her face with my hands-I brush the crud out of her eyes, and rub her forehead, and behind her ears, and her cheeks, and her nose, and she mouths me back. I like to wrap my arm around her neck when she lowers her head and wrap my other arm around her nose and scratch her between the jaws.. Sometimes if we have enough of that, I give her a hand curry on her back to fluff her hair up.

I miss having my own horses.

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~Tonia said...

OUCH That had to hurt.. Sorry! The ones with horns were forever catching me behind the knee usually on accident but it hurt!!
Lol at adding new goats It would be a shame Not too! I said I wasnt going to but go offered a trade and I had a registered buck so I can register Aprils babies this year SO I will be keeping some of them.. So then I decided I want 10 girls and I have 8! Always find a way to add more goats.. I will 2 bucks and 10 girls plus 3-4 wethers for meat....
the girls are trying to talk me into a Mini-mare since we dont have room for a big horse....