Thursday, February 25, 2010


I woke an hour before my alarm this am to pounding rain and howling winds. I was so warm and snug in my bed! I was glad I didn't hear a drip drip of a leak. (which can happen this time of year)

I could hear the big gusts coming from a long way off-a low rumble building to a crashing crescendo when it arrived at the house. I was amazed we still had power and school hadn't been called off yet. We have an alert system that automatically calls if there is a closing or late start.

We had a lot of rain. R and I raced through barn chores and he did most of the outside stuff while I stayed warm and dry in the barn! When we had to go on the hill the rain had slowed so we didn't get soaked getting up there.

We couldn't clean very well at the bucks since they wouldn't go out of the barn! It wasn't raining that hard, but they weren't going out! Usually weather doesn't bother them, but the wind and cold rain was too much for them, I guess.

Once back at the farm, R went to bring in wood and it started pouring! I have been helping him with the wood but I shared out some raisin bread to the main herd in the barn and snuck out early! I had to go to the bank and I didn't want to get there totally soaked smelling like a wet goat! So I just went smelling like a wet goat and mostly dry. :D

We are supposed to get a lot more wind and I think more rain tonight. There is a lot of ice around the house and the Firebird just took a fall doing night chores and soaked his butt. I hope he doesn't get lame from it. I swear when I had piriformis syndrome it was caused by a fall on ice at the farm. The piriformis is a muscle in your rear and the sciatic nerve runs over, under or through it, and if that muscle gets damaged it pinches the nerve and causes excruciating pain. I sufferred a year with it and then it just went away!

I would lie on a tennis ball on the sore spot and deep massage it to get blood flowing in there, and it helped a lot. The dog wasn't too happy I was lying on a tennis ball, though! LOL

Well, we are having hamburgers tonight. I have been craving them since Dave over at Dave's Cupboard blogged about flatburgers. And then R said he was going to Rockland today to get a hamburger for lunch and that did it! Burgers for supper! :D

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