Wednesday, February 3, 2010


We moved two loads of hay today. We have had light snow all day, and that pressed us to early action on moving the hay. Boss was driving the old farm truck. I had the easy job of catapulting the bales down the steps to Boss and R. I only caught R in the face three times.

Good thing I wasn't loading it on the truck, I guess, since I felt R was rather conservative with 25 bales on the first load and 18 on the second. I would have gone for at least thirty if not forty. But perhaps R realized we were riding with Boss. LOL.

On the way back with the first load, the road was already snow covered, and Boss was straddling the center line. On the part of the road I hate the most, a big dip, we met an oil truck coming the other way. It was close. I gasped and was surprised she didn't lose a side mirror.

Back at the farm, R and I pulled the gate and Boss drove in to be met by the hungry herd-"what's this, green hay on a truck?!?"

Boss went to back up to the lower barn, and P was standing on the off side by the door, and I was standing by the barn on the drivers side. Boss started to back up, and P said, "Ok, Ok," while I stood there like a dolt and watched Boss slam back into the door breaking off the board with the latch. OUCH.

We unloaded the hay, and I grabbed the board and took it to the garage and realized all the screws were stripped, so I went to the tack room for the hammer and returned to find R whaling away with some kind of mallet-like a hand sledge-no idea what it is called-breaking off all the old screws. I was impressed. I left him to it, and he had the board back on in ten minutes.

So we three went and fed and cleaned the bucks, and went on for another load. This time when Boss went to back up to the barn, she was too far over and gunned it and went flying back and broke a fence post. OUCH! I have never owned a standard, and P and R pretend they can't drive the truck, so we let poor Boss do the demolition work. LOL.

Well, then I found out two of the sets of recently wethered boys on the hill are going this week, and mine were banded first, so now I am under the gun to get that house built and get mine over here. I can't wait! I have a lot of running around to do this week but hope to pick up the few two by fours I need for the shelter and maybe bring them home this weekend! Pix to follow-if I can find where I put the camera this morning! Oh yeah, I need to pick up the house too! hehe

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~Tonia said...

I still have the goat stuff for the 4H project piled on my dining room table!!
I am NO GOOD at backing up.. that would be why I have hit something with the van Twice in the first year we have had it! lol