Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My oldest, The Boy Who Lived in the Tree, is working at the farm with me. He is supposed to be extra combing help, but the two days he has worked, the goats have been too wet to comb, so he has been learning farm chores.

He's working really hard and seems to enjoy it and is showing some enthusiasm. Even though the weather was a freezing drizzle today, he kept up with R and I and got the job done. He's very smart and I hope he isn't getting too annoyed with me being too detailed oriented! I am so used to working with his younger brother who needs explicit directions and then still wanders off in the opposite direction! The Firebird is smart, too-both smarter than me most likely-just the middle one has some challenge with direction.

So, I'm pretty tired! I thought I would go back to my regular hours this week, and then Boss asked if I could pull extra hours combing and I said, sure, everyday but this Tuesday (yesterday) and I think she took that literally! Well, P is also taking the rest of the week off to make up for extra hours last week, so even if it rains I still am pulling the extra time.

Not to complain! Jobs are hard to come by and the extra money I can put towards a million things! Mostly I need to start saving for another vehicle since mine , well, I never know when it might be its last trip...and I'd like to have some cash put by for that inevitability!

let's see, what else, the farrier came by to the farm Monday. The filly, Estrella, was terrible! She just about laid down in the crossties. I had BWLT holding her head, and I ended up pressing my body against her shoulder and chest, with one hand rubbing her back and the other looped around under her neck, basically holding her up and to prevent her from leaning forward. The little brat!

The farrier is relatively new-she does a good job, but doesn't know how to lay down the law. My old farrier wouldn't put up with anything and they stood stock still til he was through. One of my mares broke a rope once, and after that he tied her around the neck so she couldn't do that again. He's retired now or I would try and get him for the farm horses.

Trying to think of a clever note to end on and I just don't have one! So that's it for now!


~Tonia said...

I have to laugh at Firebird getting detialed instruction and still wandering off!Lol I have a kid like that!
We had horses for a while and One was a big foxtrotter... Guess who got to hold him for the Farrier! Yep That would be ME!! He outweighed me by alot and I was so sre the next day from holding him..
I loved horses but decided they are just not for me I will stick with my goats! At least when they sit on you its only a couple hundred pounds!LOL

~Tonia said...

I really need to start checking for typos better!!