Saturday, February 6, 2010


Well, I worked hard at the farm this am. A visitor is coming to stay over and claim back two of her bucklings, now wethers. So just Boss and I, and we wanted things to look nice so we did some extra cleaning. Plus the Hill and Prescott were a mess and I took out two big wheelbarrows out of both. After all the carpentry work yesterday, I am feeling a bit sore!

But....the two boys came home! I am a little worried since Piper, for all his scrawniness, has turned into the dominant one, and claimed the house! Everytime Badger goes in, Piper kicks him out! That is why I have so many shelters for the big goats! I am hoping once night falls (and it is a red afterglow as I type this) Piper will lie down and not object to Badger joining him.

The rest of the herd was pretty funny-they share a fence, and the "big" goats were all stalking around with their hair sticking up. But the newcomers were relieved to see other goats! Hopefully their banded parts will fall off soon and they can join the rest...although Badger is a wimp so I hope he makes out ok.

Ok, the good part-PIX! Here are Badger and Willow. The light color on his back is his cashmere fiber-he has a lot, but it's not good quality, which is why he most likely would have gone for meat-but he is so sweet-tempered! Maybe Boss would have kept him...but I couldn't chance it! The long dark hair is his guard hair-both his mother and grandmother have very long guard hair ( his grandmother went to slaughter last year-Uud)

Here is a close up of Piper-I took like ten picks he kept sticking his face at the cam it was so funny!

And here are the two-Piper standing guard in the house and sweet Badger.


~Tonia said...

Piper will get cold and hopefully he will want to snuggle up..
Wow Badger'f hair is really long!! Oh the joy of brining in new goats!lol Their hair standing up is always funny! Congrats on the new goats!!

~Tonia said...

Dont worry about Ethel being lopsided its just because they are squeezed in trying to get grain! Lol
Kara's camera is just a smaller Kodak but I have been impressed with her pics so far. Only thing is it doesnt zoom out very far.. Moses has been getting in trouble because he is REALLY active! He jump up in the middle of the coffee table and scatters what ever is up there.. The girls have been good about playing with him and getting him to run some of that energy off!! He was watching TV with Candice last night.. When His reality hits its going to be hard on him!LOL