Friday, February 26, 2010

No Power

we've been down 17 hours and I just lost a long boring post about the whole thing, beginning with how dark it is here in the middle of the night without power, etc, etc. I am on the laptop, battery power, and accidentally hit something that wiped out the whole post. Well, we have all had that happen, but it took my steam away and I don't want to eat up the battery trying to recreate the post.

I got a great pic of the trees on the line that blew the power after midnight. They were still there at noon. It's not just my road, but more or less around the corner and there are not a lot of us on the end of the line here, so we will see how long we are out...

We had a pile of rain from the storm-the pond is over the top of the dam. A lot of snow is gone. It was 44F here this afternoon.

The weather has been absurd this month.


オテモヤン said...
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~Tonia said...

I HATE that!! I did that with a long post a while back.. No power is okay for a few minutes but thats it!lol
I hope thngs are okay now!