Monday, January 18, 2010

another Monday

Another week already!

We have decided to keep Badgers name Badger. We tossed around a few ideas and then I remembered a character called Badger from a children's book Wind in the Willows, so I thought that was appropriate. Then when I was looking it up I found out that Wales is going to kill a bunch of Badgers in the theory that it will reduce the incidence of Bovine TB. There was an article on it the UK Guardian online, and almost all the comments were anti Badger killing and of course I agree with them.

Back to the new goats;the other we have named Piper which is related to the book as well-Pan the Piper, but I didn't want to call him Pan. Pan is of course half man and half goat.

They were banded Thursday and we will bring them home soon.

Now there are 18 bucklings are on the Hill. Five went to slaughter and nine arrived from another farm. I met some of them today-well all of them, but didn't linger too long with them. One of the new grey ones tried to follow us back down the hill and started bawling....maaaa, maaa, ma-aaaaaaa!

Boss heard him all the way to the house and said," was that the little grey one?"

and I said, "yes."

She said, "he was babied at his last home, his name is "guapo" "

and P looked perplexed and I laughed and said that is "handsome" in Spanish, LOL.

The weather was warmer over the weekend-it was supposed to be teens yesterday and yet it broke freezing again. The weatherman is really not doing very well with his predictions. Friday they said we were going to miss a storm Sunday night and would get a dusting. We are now under a winter weather advisory and have about six inches of snow out there. I worked the farm this am and the roads were pretty crummy going and coming.

We are supposed to see the sun again on Thursday. :(

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