Tuesday, January 5, 2010


We made it to work and school yesterday. The vet came to the farm to examine two bucks that are being sold to Canada. They collected fecal, drew blood for CAE and Brucellosis, checked the microchips, gave a TB test. They will return Thurs to read the TB.

The vet also checked out the older Fjord mare, Maya. Maya was bleeding from the vulva when the farrier came last week. I had noticed the same a few months ago and told Boss. This time I spent some time on the internet and thought it might be a varicose vein of the hymen remnants, which occurs in some mares. The treatment can be to cauterize the vein, but it usually reoccurs.

So last week I told Boss what I had learned, but the vet was already coming so I thought, well good, she should be checked and he can confirm it.

Well, after I assisted with one buck who was at the main barn, I put him back down with his girls and came back to overhear the vet suggesting it was dark colored urine due to seasonal changes in feed, and Boss said, no it was blood. The vet said something about a possible stone, and started rattling off stuff for his assistant to get out of the truck.

I kept my mouth shut and helped the assistant get by the geese several times, all the while the list-rectal exam, injection to induce urination, urinalysis, scheduling an ultrasound, kept the cash register in my brain running...wow that was going to be some bill!

Eventually they were through with Maya and we went to Prescott so they could check out the other buck. On the way, I asked Boss, "so the vet thinks Maya has a stone?'

and she said, "not so much now..."

Of course Maya was not actively bleeding by the time the vet came this week. So we will see what the final diagnosis is.

Balloo was much better today but everytime he looked at me he seemed embarrassed or sad. I gave him lots of pats and told him it was fine. The other GP, Luke, who has always been rather standoffish, actually stuck his head against my leg by my hand when I was in the barn eavesdropping on the vet conversation. I gave him a good head rub.

Perhaps the dogs were worried the vet was there because of the Ballo incident the other day...

Back at my own place later I mucked out goat houses. I came into that snowstorm short of shavings and kept putting down extra hay. All of the houses were soaked! Too much snow to push the wheelbarrow, so I was dumping it into a huge plastic pot (like 20 gallon) and lugging it down back to the pile. I was pretty tired by the time night fell.

Today I have to dig all the trash out of the snowbank-before Christmas trash-and go to the dump.

and it would be nice to get the Christmas tree down sometime! I haven't put any water in it in days so I didn't make a mess getting it out. It's not too dry yet, but it needs to go. It was soooo pretty, but we need the room.

so those are my plans for today! stay warm!


~Tonia said...

If you lay your tree down on a sheet or old blanket to haul it outside it wont make such a mess either..
I dont like talking to vets who act all high and mighty.. Mine is reasonable and common sense oriented.
I am Not looking forward to barn cleaning this spring.. Its already about 8 inches deep on the deep side...

tree ocean said...

yeah, my mom taught me that trick with the sheet. Just when you try and get it out of a stand full of water that can be gross! If is is too dry the needles will fall off but the sheet helps with that. Although my floor could use a good sprinkling of balsam needles! LOL smells good!

I used to let the big wether house build up it had a dirt floor. These little houses aren't very tall so I don't have a lot of room to let it build up, and when it's that wet the new bedding just absorbs it...unless you put a ton down. sigh.

~Tonia said...

I am came back to your other blog and your post was gone!! What happened?
Yeah I use to hav eto clean out the little goat houses I started with it would build up fast... It really does now... I am not looking forward to cleaning it this spring!

Anonymous said...

My last comment had all kinds of typos!!lol I just thought I would leave a comment and let you know that I am having PC troubles!! This PC doesnt have very good virus protection and there is now a virus that is trying to "fix" my computer. I go get my main one next friday. This one was going to the shop to be updated and protected... But as of right now I cant get into my blogger dashboard to see updates. Everytime I try to sign in on certain pages it tells me its a restricted site and blah blah blah... Irritating. I can still check email though. At least I will have the money to fix it all. Oh the JOY!!! SO I will be back next week hopefully!!