Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Again

Well, I've gone and done it. The bucklings on the Hill are going to slaughter tomorrow, and Willow and I had fallen in love with Ursula's badger. So I said I wanted him-and of course another to keep him company, so we finally settled on Lilymore's black. Willow had named a few of them and of course those two don't have real names yet! We call them Badger Boy and Lilymore's.

In the legend of Saint Ursula (who was martyred a virgin) she was going to marry Conan Meriadoc so I said we should call them Meriadoc and Pippin, but Willow has a hard time with Meriadoc so the names are still up in the air.

They still need to be wethered and I need to build them a little house. In the meantime my own goats are sufferring the winter doldrums and have turned to destroying the tarp house now. UGH!> I was kicking myself for getting more goats!!! And let me say that mine have a huge pen but the back pastures are snowed in although I have been beating paths to put their afternoon hay out there. They have boulders and flat roofed houses to jump on too. So I went down and cut some hemlock branches off the road for treats after their hay this afternoon and that kept them busy for 1/2 hour lol.

Anyhow, the new two will stay at the farm for a bit. I am going to pull some extra hours and trade time for them.

What has been cold here-it was 6F in the barn at the farm when I got there at 8:30. I did my own goats in a half hour before I left and my fingers were frozen!!! I was jumping all over for the first hour at the farm trying to get my blood going so my hands would thaw out. I used to have trouble with my feet which have been ok. I mean to start taking vitamins again since I could be low in iron which would aggravate being cold. And I may look up some supplements to help circulation. I really need to quit smoking!!!!!

Well, it did warm up finally and was just above freezing at home late afternoon so my hands were only bad for the first hour or so at the farm.

We have been burning a lot of wood too. But, it is almost the middle of January so not too bad! It is almost the anniversary of burning my foot and let me say I never want to repeat that ever!!!

I have just a small scar but sometimes the skin pinches a little.

I just found out last night that someone I have known for years shot himself on the 30th. I was aghast. I have been thinking about friends I have lost that were younger than me and now another sad. Life is so precious to end it unnecessarily...

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~Tonia said...

So sorry for the loss of your friend...
Yeah I wouldnt want to repeat the foot burn incident.
Cayenne pepper is good for circulation and if you have trouble staying warm. You can take it in pill form if you cant handle the heat to eat it.. Also Cinnamon(sp?) helps too! Smoking is not good for anything!Lol Sorry had to say it.. I am not ahabit forming person but I see my brother struggle with it. He is a major habit former..
What we do for our goats!!lol Names are always a great debate around here.. I start a list and work through it.. Major to-do around here!!lol
Stay warm!! Its will be almost
50* here tomorrow!!Woo hoo... Not to brag or anythinglol